My 27 hour Monday started with breakfast at LaFortunas at 8am. I had a special called a Patriotic waffle. It consisted of the odd combo of a waffle, two scoops of icecream, whipped cream, bannanas, strawberries, and blueberries. We then went up the road back home to wait until our ride would pick us up at 1 o’clock that afternoon. I had been told we were riding in a limo. I had originaly thought that this meant the bus type vehicle that the company “Conneticut Limo” used. When a stretch limo pulled up, I was pleasently suprised.

It was a short ride to Bradley International Airport were we got on a baddly painted SouthWest Airlines Plane. It was blue, gold, orange, and red. The plane had good service, snacks, and not much else. I spent my time playing Civilization 3 Play the World on a laptop and FIFA World Cup 2006 on PSP. There were some amazing views coming across Lake Mead, made by Hoover Dam. After we got our renal car from Hertz we stopped at the Excalibur hotel to check in and set off to see a ball game at Cashman Field. The game was between the first place AAA Tucson Sidewinders and the Las Vegas 51’s (Referring to area 51 in the southern Nevada desert).

The game wasn’t spectacular in its closeness but the offense. Tucson (I was rooting for them because they are the farm team of the Arizona Diamondbacks. They beat the Yankees, the rival of my fabulous Mets, in the World Series. I don’t have anything against the Dodgers except that they moved from New York where they did great things.) won 12-2. There was several former Mets including Jeff Duncan, and Mike Basik who started for Tucson. The stadium didn’t have the best atmosphere. For the first 5 innings all they said was booo! (Not –‘s boo) They cheered outs because they knew the game was over. In the bottom of the ninth, they cheered like mad over a two run single like they won the game.

The fireworks after were really good. After the bust of offense from Tucson, it was the best part.

I was glad to get to get to bed.