Iona's House

This is quite a week travel for me. On Sunday Iona, Calum, and I headed up to Ithaca to move Iona into her new college home – a house full of saxophone players.

From there Calum and I headed out to Denver to join Anna for some meetings.

Now, we’re in Ohio to take a look at a couple of colleges for Calum.

I won’t be around quite as much for the next couple of days as we look at  colleges here and in Pittsburgh, so in the meantime, here’s some footage from Calum’s recent adventure with the European Youth Music Week in Germany (for those of you who don’t know him, he’s the trumpeter with all the hair).

Video on Concert deel 638 EYMW Part 7a HW SfHV

Video on Concert deel 639 EYMW Part 7b HW SfHV

All in all it’s making for a very exciting week, the only problem is that I seem to be inheriting Kara’s ability to make every f;light I get on run late!

:: Justin ::