When you create a recurring appointment, the begin date and end date refer to the orriginal occurrence of the appointment. How many times the appointment repeats will be determined by the infomation in the bottom section.

So, if you want a meeting to be every Monday morning for a year, schedule the first one (starting and ending on the same date) and then set the weekly repetition to happen until a date you set a year from now.

If you set the End Date to be a year from now, the system thinks that the appointment/meeting is going to last for a year (I know some meetings drag on a bit, but…) and so you are going to see it on every day of the year!

Hope this helps. be careful out there!

:: Justin ::


To help avoid problems with this we will be adding some warnings to the system if you try and repeat an entry that lasts more than a day.  Until we have that update ready, continue to be careful out there!