Asif and I arrived here in Tucson, AZ late last night, and already I’m loving it. I’m obsessed with all the different shaped cacti and the weather is just beautiful. The temperature is perfect for me and the air just seems to feel better here. They’ve also got palm trees, so I was reminded of Florida, except it’s not so humid and there’s these lovely desert hills in the background.

This morning we headed over to the CARF Pre-Conference. With the first obstacle of setting up our booth out of the way (big thanks to Jim for giving me a run-through and Asif’s height), we were ready to get “therap-ing”. It was a couple of hours before the approximate 200 people joined us in our room, for a presentation, which gave us time to run out and get some lunch. We are right by the University of Arizona, which looks like a great campus. The dorms look much different than what I was used to at UHA. They resemble condos and their colors have come directly from the lovely landscape. Anyway, while at our booth, it was great to have one of our users from Montana come up to us and say “hi” and tell us how much she enjoyed using Therap. That’s always a nice addition to a day.

More conference tomorrow–