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I recently upgraded by Droid phone to Android 2.2 known as Foyo (actually did it while waiting at the airport in Nashville).

This brings a whole pile of great functionality to the phone, but probably my exciting is the ability to run Adobe Flash.This means (among many other things) that I can now watch my T-Girl automated training on my phone!

The only downside I have noticed so far is that I can no longer take screenshots, so you’ll just have to believe me!

:: Justin ::

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A few more of my favourite Android Apps


Kayak is my flight search engine of choice, and mostly I use it on my computer.  However when you get told that you are getting bumped off a flight, you sometimes need to be able to tell the folks at the desk what’s available.  That’s when you need it on your phone!
Google’s weather and news widget is something I check almost as often as I check my watch!
You probably already know that I am a huge 37 Signals fan.  To be honest, Rooftop (not by 37 Signals) is not up to their […]
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A few of my favorite Android apps

Today I finally learned how to take screenshots of my phone thanks to Android Central

NavigationNavigation 2
Obviously having built in Navigation is great!  Saves be carrying a GPS or renting one when I travel.
Home ScreenApp DrawerHome Screen 4Home Screen allLauncher
I use (and actually pay for) a home screen replacement app called Launcher Pro.  I really like it.  It adds a bunch of functionality and also gets updated […]
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Another reason to love Android

On a day when an even bigger and better Android phone than mine came out I was reminded again why I like this operating system so much.

Tools for developers

Just about everything in Android is configurable and can be swapped with another version made by someone else.

Currently I am on my fourth keyboard and might even like this one (Swiftkey) more than Swype

SwiftKey keyboard - word prediction

Where many keyboards try and guess what word you are typing, and this one also tries to guess what word you will type next.  It’s really cool and allows you to type whole sentences with remarkably few taps (though sometimes […]

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A Fame-ous Weekend!

Not only did I go and see Fame twice this weekend (it was even better the second time around) but I discovered something truly amazing: the Mets are actually fun to support again!

It's not just they are winning, but they are actually entertaining.  In Sunday's game against the Giants, Olli P did his usual and blew up within three innings, but there was always the thought that the Mets would fins a way back (particularly within a windy Citi Field).  The fact that they blew it after coming back is not even that big a deal, it was fun to watch!

I am even enjoying it enough that I actually went out and paid for an app for my phone! […]

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A couple of cool things

I really love my Droid!  Today Google released a new app: Gesture Search.  Just scribble a letter or two on you screen and it will find what you are looking for.  You can read about it here on Android and Me

Works beautifully, very cool!

Having said that, we are pretty cool too (or at least Kara is).  Today I was talking to Jenece at ORI in Montana and she asked if we ever thought about doing inventories. We’ll, we have, we’ve thought about tying them into Personal Finance too!

However, in a very Sazzad like manner, Kara said, why not just create an ISP Program.  And she did.  You can take a […]

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Google Goggles

This is very cool.  Using my Droid (or another phone running Android) I can take a picture of something and Google will work out what it is and give me lots of information about it.

I already use Shop Savvy which will take a picture of a barcode, identify the product and then give the best local (based on GPS) and web based pricing.

There is often a question of how to I train staff who are covering a shift at a new site.  Imagine if as a new member of staff I could just point my phone at a piece of adaptive equipment and be able to access training materials!

:: Justin ::

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