Are you keeping up with the Certified Trainers Blog?

If you have taken the time to find your way over to this fine instituation, I do hope that you are also taking the time to read our Certified Trainers Blog.  In many ways it is much more interesting that mine!

While my focus is on things going on with our application (and of course The Famous Heart of Midlothian Football Club), over there you can read about and interact with the folks who are using Therap on the front lines every day.  It’s a great read and shouldn’t be missed.

If you are already a Certified Trainer, I hope that we are going to see you at our National Conference where we have a special reception for you on […]

New Personal Property Inventory in Custom Forms

While I was in Oregon last week I had the pleasure of stopping in to see Craig at Albertina Kerr.  One of the things we discussed was their need for a Personal Property list.  He showed me what they used just now and over the weekend we ran up a couple of samples.

Now, we have in the Global Custom Form Template Library, for your importing delight, a Personal Property Inventory.

Take a look and see what you think.  I think it is rather cool!

This is what it looks like while you are entering the data.

Screenshot of Personal Property, this is what it looks like while you are entering the data


This is what it looks like when others […]

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