Coming Soon :: Changes to Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation roles

Along with the changes we will be making to the GER User Interface this summer, we are also changing the way that we handle the role which controls access to GERs with an allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

A N E Profile

This role is currently an agency wide one.  This means that it is assigned on the User Profile and once given it, the user can access such GERs for anyone they have access to.

A N E Super Role

We are changing it to being a Caseload based role so that it is assigned as part of a super role.  This will give you finer […]

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Already Here :: GER Event Category Rule


This is actually a feature that we released a few months ago (part of getting ready for the new GER) but I have spoken to a number of people that weren’t aware of it, so I thought that this would be a good opportunity for us to review.

If you have used GERs for any length of time you will have received a message letting you know that a given event type needs to have a certain notification level.  You may well have wondered “What are the rules for which event types?” or “Can I configure those rules to match my agency policies and state regulations?”.

[author’s note:  I really […]

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Coming soon :: GER Update this Summer

New Ger start

The first of our exciting new features that I’d like to talk about is the new and approved GER which we plan to roll out this summer. Those of you who were lucky enough to be at our national conference had a quick peek at this. We’ve made several improvements since then.
The two most obvious changes are the move to our new User Interface (UI) and the change from a long scrolling form to a paged workflow.

Mobile GER  Mobile GER List
Not only is the new UI cleaner and easier to use, it is also what […]

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Therap 2015.0 :: GER Resolution

With our release this weekend we will be bringing you a new module called GER Resolution.  This gives you a separate place with its own permissions to record the results of any investigations and what the final outcome of an incident was.

You can learn much more about GER Resolution here:

(There also has to be a Tony the Tiger joke about “GERR”!)

Also, you can visit Therap’s Training Academy for a new self directed course all about GER Resolution.

:: Justin ::

Coming Soon :: Therap 2015.0 :: Event Summaries

In our next major release (currently scheduled for mid-May) will will bringing you some update to the Event Summary reporting tool.

Agency Wide Roles 2015_0

There will now be two roles associated with Event Summaries, the roles role is an agency wide one.  This will allow users to run reports across all individuals regardless of their caseload.  Access to this version of the Event Summary is on the Agency Reports tab.

Agency Reports 2015_0

Users with the existing caseload based Event Summary role will be able to run reports on up to 10 individuals at a time (based upon their caseload).  Access to this version of […]

Thinking about wording in GERs

As I am sure you all know, words are very important, especially in our corner of the world.

Last year, we even say the updating of ICD-9 to recognise more current thinking.

Now, we are looking at the wording with in the “Restraint Related to Behavior” and “Restraint Other”.  The word “restraint” is quite understandably a very emotive one, bringing with it reminders of a shameful past.  However, it is used in many states to refer to practices that are used appropritely and safely.  

We would like to replace the word restraint and some of the related terms within those sections.  Obviously where we have state forms, those forms will continue to use the state wording.

I hope to present alternative language soon […]

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Montana Incident Report Updated

Montana's Official Website

Things are moving on apace in Montana since we won the RFP there. Hopefully you have been keeping track of all of Maureen’s travels around the state. We have now visited virtually every single provider in the State of Montana and the move towards a paperless state is gaining momentum!

As part of this process (and we are learning a lot along the way too!) we released an update last night (Therap 8.4.2) which simplifies the completing of the Montana State Incident Report.

:: Justin ::

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More exciting times in Minot

Today was day two of the NDACF Conference in North Dakota.  There are some great things going on here.

This morning I met with folks from Enable, HIT, and Community Options who along with Pride are pioneering sharing data between providers.  It is a fascinating process to work out exactly who has rights to what information and who retains ownership.  What makes it work is the fact that these agencies are committed to transparency, trust each other, and are looking for innovative ways to provide the best possible supports to the citizens of Bismarck and Mandan.  It is through the work and leadership of people like these that we will develop even more comprehensive cross-provider features […]

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The Return of "Return"

7_3_13 GER Buttons by you.

As I am sure you are aware, we had a bit of a usability hiccup in General Event Reports when we introduced the “Edit this GER” button.

There were actually a number of technical reasons for this, but it really doesn’t matter!

The Approve and Return to Submitter buttons are now back where the belong.

Enjoy Therap 7.3.13!

:: Justin ::

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Reviewing and Returning GERs in Therap 7.3.10

In case you hadn’t noticed, we had a bit of an issue with the 7.3.9 release where GER reviewers couldn’t see the “Edit this GER” button and hence couldn’t attach files or return the GER to its submitter.

We have now fixed this and are working on making those buttons available directly on the GER.

:: Justin ::

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