Coming Soon :: Changes to Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation roles

Along with the changes we will be making to the GER User Interface this summer, we are also changing the way that we handle the role which controls access to GERs with an allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

A N E Profile

This role is currently an agency wide one.  This means that it is assigned on the User Profile and once given it, the user can access such GERs for anyone they have access to.

A N E Super Role

We are changing it to being a Caseload based role so that it is assigned as part of a super role.  This will give you finer […]

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The Joys of Testing

So, Business Intelligence will be coming soon, just not quite as soon as we hoped!

As usual, we have been putting our next release through some rigorous testing.  As a result of this, we have found an issue that we are not completely comfortable with and so we are delaying the BI portion to a later date.

It won’t be long, and it will be well worth the wait.

:: Justin ::

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Coming Soon :: Case Note Enhancements :: Templates and Questionnaires

I am really excited about this update, it brings a lot of the functionality we’ve been thinking about when we first came up with Case Notes.

There are basically two parts to it: Templates and Questionnaires.

Case Note Template


The template feature allows you to define your own case notes with the following options:

  • Define your time entry type (duration or in/out)
  • Define your own activities
  • Define your own locations
  • Select a Questionnaire to include with the Case Note

You can now have multiple types of Case Note in which case the user will select the one they want to complete.


Questionnaires are a new tool that we have developed as […]

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Therap Updates for July 2016

Things are continuing to move ahead here at Therap.  We have a lot of work going on in the background to bring you a better, faster, and even more reliable system.  We appreciate that there have been a number of longer downtimes recently.  These are all part of this major upgrade process.  Once complete we should go back to a more regular schedule.

Some of those changes also require updates to the application, which, along with some other planned updates will be released in two phases during July 2016.

All of these dates and the functionality proposed is accurate at the time of writing, but subject to change as we continue rigorous testing.

Release 2016.2.5
Projected for: 7/17/2016
Estimated […]

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Coming soon :: Therap 2016.2 :: Downloads and Case Notes

Export Preferences

We will be bringing out our latest update to Therap in a couple of weeks.  When we do these releases, it is often hard to predict when there will be last minute changes that happen due to issues discovered in testing or changes in regulations.

I have a couple of changes based on the list of functionality that I posted earlier:

Firstly, the updates to the Case Note module are going to be included in a follow-up release, they are not quite ready and we don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

Secondly (and for now most importantly), many of you will have noticed that we are introducing new roles to control the downloading […]

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Therap 2016.2 :: Additional ISP Data Grid Information

Over the last couple of days I have had a few questions about our upcoming change to ISP Grid.

As I said in my last post, this change makes no difference to the actual data, we are just ending an old way of collecting data.

When the release comes out, the ISP Data basically doesn’t even need to change.  You can see this for yourself by doing a search for ISP Data created by a grid.  You will see when  click on any of those search results that it opens up as regular ISP Data.

So, when the release come out, your existing ISP Programs with grid collection will become regular ISP Programs and the data will remain as it is, regular ISP Data.

If […]

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Coming Soon :: Therap 2016.2 :: Feature List


Our next significant release will be Therap 2016.2 which we expect to release at the end of June.

We current expect to include the following updates though these are subject to change:

  • Updates to Case Management functionality and access to include Referral, Eligibility, and Level of Care, bulk assignment of caseloads, availability in County and Private Oversight.
  • Communication from Therap Customer Support will come via the Issue Tracker rather than SComm.
  • Live Help will only be available to users who are logged into the application
  • Introduction of Non-Specialized Provider billing (initially in Nebraska)
  • Automated claim adjudication in Nebraska
  • Updating […]
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Coming soon :: Therap 2016.2 :: Changes to ISP Data Grid

ISP Data Grid

At the end of this month, we will be releasing the latest update to Therap.  There are a number of enhancements coming which I will list in upcoming posts.

One significant change will come with the removal of the ISP Data Grid data entry screen.  It is important to understand that this does not remove or change any data or any functionality related to ISP Data, it is simply removing an older method of data entry.

We are doing this for a number of reasons:

  • The functionality of looking at a month’s data at once can now be achieved directly from Individual Home and a number or report variants.
  • The data entry screen and […]
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Therap 2016.1 :: A quick guide to the changes

2016_1 Pharmacy Interface

As I will keep reminding you, this is a very significant release this weekend.

I would strongly encourage you to check it out at our beta site:

If you haven’t used beta before, it works like this:  We take a copy of the database and put it on another server in our secure data centre.  We then load the new software (Therap 2016.1) and run the migration on the database to make it match the new software.  This means that you can go and look at the next version of Therap running on a copy of your data.  When you log in (with your usual credentials) you will see a […]

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