Release Notes for Therap 12.0.3

To continue with the theme of catching up, did you check out the release notes for the update that we published last weekend?

If not, here they are:

ISP Program

  • In the Static Document of the ISP Program, alignment of the new lines of each Task description will now be displayed correctly under the ‘Description’ area of the Task(s) section. 


  • For the scenario where the ‘Service Provider’ field of the ISP Data Collection page is not editable for an ISP Program and the selected Service Provider’s user account is inactive in the system, […]
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Are you up to date with 2012.0?

There are a bunch of really cool things in 2012.0, in fact because the release went so smoothly (thanks to an enormous amount of work and planning over the preceeding months) you’d be forgiven for thinking that it wasn’t that significant.

There were actually a lot of things that went on under the hood to help performance which you can’t see directly, but here’s what you should make sure that you have taken a look at:

Below is a list of guides that have been updated to incorporate the changes made in the 2012.0 release.

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Welcome to Therap 2012.0

Therap 2012.0 Released!
We are now on version 2012.0 of the Therap Applications. We have worked relentlessly on getting the system up and running with lots of new and exciting features and updates. We hope to receive your valuable feedback on the new features.
Release Notes | Documentation | Blogs
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Almost there :: We'll we taking the system down shortly to bring you Therap 2012.0

System Downtime Notice for Therap 2012.0


We have scheduled the release of Therap version 2012.0 on the 15th of January, 2012. This release will require Therap to be unavailable for approximately 15 hours starting from:

10:00p.m. EST on Saturday, January 14 to 1:00p.m. EST on Sunday, January 15, 2012.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. You will find resources below to prepare for the upcoming release:

Release Notes | Documentation | Offline Forms | Blogs
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Are you ready? Here comes Therap 2012.0

This is a big weekend for Therap with our first release in our new release schedule.

What should you be doing?

Make sure that you have thoroughly studied the Release Notes, there are significant changes.  There are also additional features that you will want to sign up for.

Don’t forget that we will be down for about 15 hours starting on Saturday night, make sure that you have all your contingency plans in place.

:: Justin ::

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Are you ready for 2012.0?

It’s only five short days until we release 2012.0!

Have you looked at the release notes?

Have you tried out the beta?

Are you prepared for the downtime from 10pm Eastern on Saturday, January 14th until 1p, Eastern on Sunday January 15th?

This is a very significant release and we want to be sure you are prepared for the work that we have to do to get it to and and for you to enjoy the fruits of our labour!

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please contact Therap Support as soon as you can.

:: Justin ::

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Preparing for 2012.0 Downtime :: Use it as an Emergency Drill

When Therap 2012.0 goes live on January 15th, there will be a significant amount of downtime (we are currently estimating about 15 hours).

The reason for all this downtime is that we have to run some operations on the database to change it to work with the new application (think of all the changes we are making in the ISP Plan workflow and presentation).

While we understand that this is a major inconvenience for you, it is unfortunately a fact of life with the nature of our system.

My suggestion is that you use the downtime to make sure that you have all the correct procedures in place should you lose power or internet for an extended period of time.

Here are a few […]

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Static and Dynamic documents

One of the things that makes Therap as powerful as it is is the way that we communicate all the latest information to all of your staff at once.

However, sometimes there are times when you want to see a form not in it’s latest version with all the latest updates but as it was at the time that the form was approved.

This is particularly the case with plans and most notably ISP Plans.  Think about all the elements of an ISP Plan that are inherited from other forms (such as the IDF).  What if these change on the IDF, should they change on the ISP Plan?  What if a linked IPOP or ISP Program changes?  Should the ISP Plan link […]

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