A few days in a few places

Picture of Carson City, Nevada

The above image is part of my ongoing series of State Capitol photos (in this case Carson City, Nevada).  It’s also an example of what Google does to you photos when you back up from your phone to Google+!  All of a sudden, it does wacky/cool things based on what you have done.

This trip to Carson City included an incredible drive up from Sacramento via Lake Tahoe.  The scebery was quite breath taking.

Picture of Lake Tahoe

All of this on the back of a trip to Austin, Texas and their Capitol!

Picture of Justin in Austin, Texas

Someday soon, I need to compile […]

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Changes to user name rules in Therap

In our summer release, we hope to complete the code changes needed to meet CCHIT compliance.

One of these changes is that users names be case insensitive.  Currently Therap user names are case sensitive (meaning Jbrockie and jbrockie) are two different logins.

We have talked to CCHIT to see if we could get a waiver for this requirement, but received the following response:

“Criteria SC 3.08 cannot be waived or modified. Case insensitive usernames are required to support interoperability across disparate system (including across different platforms). CCHIT’s security criteria are based on industry standards and have been subject to numerous cycles of public comments, and final approval by the Certification Commission. Any request to change the approved criteria or test steps must wait […]

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Starting to think about Security Profiles

One of the things we spent a lot of time talking about over the last week is what our security/permissions scheme will look like over the coming years.

With all the work we are doing on oversight, sharing, and module interaction we need to make sure that it is simple, straight forward, understandable and consistent.

Our goal with this is that the same role basically does the same thing in each module, as do the same combinations.

We also want to simplify the management of roles and caseloads.

One of the concepts we are looking at for this is a “Security Profile”.  In todays words, a security profile would be the combination of one Super Role and one Caseload.

Our sense is that folks can […]

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Working Hard on 2012.1 and 2012.2

This week we are having a series of internal meetings as we put together our plan for the next 6-12 months.

These meetings have now moved up to Danbury, Connecticut as we focus on the application and where our priorities will be.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing what we hope to acheive.

Watch this space!

:: Justin ::

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