Are you ready for the end of First Page?

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As we’ve been telling for quite some time now, FirstPage is on its way out.  Well we have now decided that it will finally be discontinued with our Winter Release (which we expect to see sometime around February 2014).

So if you are one of those folks (not looking at anyone in particular Sazzad!) who always switches back to FirstPage, I would recommend that you learn to embrace and love your Dashboard!

:: Justin ::

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Coming soon :: Therap 2013.0

Dear Users,

We are happy to announce the release of version 2013.0 of Therap Applications. Check out the list below for details on all the new modules and features that we have included in Therap Applications with the release of Therap 2013.0.

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Looking forward to Therap's Summer 2012 Releases

We have such a lot of stuff coming to you this summer that we have decided to split it into two releases. These are currently scheduled for late July and September. As with all release schedules, there is always a chance of last minute changes!

The July release (2012.2) has a lot of under the hood work. Probably the biggest change that you will see is the introduction of Security Profiles. You will be hearing a lot more about these over the coming weeks and months. Basically what will happen is that you will be able to have multiple views of Therap based on each super role that you have. A Security Profile is the […]

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Working Hard on 2012.1 and 2012.2

This week we are having a series of internal meetings as we put together our plan for the next 6-12 months.

These meetings have now moved up to Danbury, Connecticut as we focus on the application and where our priorities will be.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing what we hope to acheive.

Watch this space!

:: Justin ::

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T-Logs without the numbers

One of the interesting things that I have been asked from time to time is:

“I like to be able to read T-Logs, but I don’t need to see the numbers, when they are there I feel like I have to read them all. Is it possible to get access to T-Logs without the counts?”

This is a question most often asked by senior executives who may have hundreds (if not thousands of T-Logs) showing up on their FirstPage.

Up until now, my answer has always been: “Sorry, can’t do that!”. However, the folks at Futures Unlimited worked it out!

The trick is to give the user the T-Log Update and Submit roles but not the T-log View. This […]

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What happened to None?

Choosing an individual (or not) in T-logs

It seems like with every release that we bring out, there is one of the changes that we think is either very minor or makes things simpler that ends up confusing some of our users!

With the release of Therap 6.1, the issue what filing a T-Log with no individual.

It used to be that on the T-log entry screen you could choose “None” from the individual Name drop down. This didn’t seem too intuitive to us, so when we move to choosing the individual name from a list of links we added a nice link saying “Create a T-log without an individual” to replace “None”.

You […]

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6.1 Release Notes

Billing Support: Electronic Billing

A new module, Electronic Billing, has been added to assist the billing process of providers who are funded by Medicaid. With this module, users can send professional claims directly to funding sources through Therap. Billing records against individuals will be used for making the claims. Once the claims are made, users can choose which ones to send and can check the status of those claims.

Please contact us if your funding is provided by Medicaid, so that we may enable this package for you. In case you have a different funding source, you may contact us so that we can work together to develop this for other sources as well.

Staff Support: Training Management System (TMS)
After the […]

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T-Logs in Therap 6.1

T-Logs and sharing in Therap 6.1

There are a couple of much asked for features in T-Logs for Therap 6.1

The first is the ability to choose which programs to share a particular T-Logs with. You’ll also notice that we’ve move the sharing option into the main screen.

Secondly you can now see exactly who has read an particular T-Log just by clicking on the “Read List” link towards the top right of any T-Log.

:: Justin

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