Preview :: General Event Reports in Therap 6.1

General Event Reports in Therap 6.1

Over the weekend I am hoping to show you a bunch of new features that will be in the next release of Therap (Release 6.1).

For starters, let’s take a look at GER. From the screenshot here (if you click on it you’ll see a bigger version and a bunch more in Flickr). you can see some of the enhancements.

Add in program address: just by clicking on the check box you can include the program address as the location of the incident.

Review events from the body of the form. In 6.1, rather than having to open a pop up to review the […]

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6.1 for Data Administrators (soon to be called Provider Administrators)

Release 6.1 will see a lot of improvement for many people.  This is particularly the case for Data Administrators.

We are also looking to clean up and standardize some of our terminology.  This will especially be the case in TMS (more on that later), but we are also looking to rename the Data Administrator “Provider Administtrator”.  It’s a term we’ve used in some places and just makes a bit more sense.

The biggest plus for Provider Administrators will be notifications.  You can now choose to be notified when a user gets locked out or self enrolls or when rights are changed.

Other enhancements include:

  • Assigning multiple individuals to a program
  • Better identification of duplicate individuals
  • The  Demographic Report now links to the names of the indivduals […]
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Here comes 6.1!

I had my first look at Therap 6.1 today – we hope that it will be in the production release by the end this month.

Basically it’s a series of features and enhancements to 6.0 which will tide us over until 7.0 comes out. Personally I am really excited. Here’s some of the hightlights that I can remember. To find out more, why not sign up for a User Group Meeting.

  • Data Administration
  • Assign multiple individulas to a program at once.
  • Automatically create CaseLoads when you create programs
  • CaseLoads can now be deleted (the way this is handled is very cool and I expect to see reproduced elsewhere in the future)
  • T-Logs
    • Choose which programs to share T-Logs with
    • View who has read any T-log […]
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