Happy Thursday

We’ll it may finally be getting cold in New England, but the sun was shining in Therapville!

The tweaks we made to the system seem to have done the trick. The “Processing” message that you get from time to time will not be there too much longer in T-Logs and SComm, and we really appreciate you working through this with us. There were a bunch of other small enhancements made, as i go through the list, I’ll share any I think you might notice.
Other cool things that happened today included:

6.2.5 up, a new message

In order to improve the performance of the system, we made a few changes last night.

One of these was a delay that is put in if you try and do too many searches in quick succession.

As a result of the speed of this development, this message also appears when you click “Read and go to next” on T-Logs.  Just click the “Retry” button
It will only cause you a one or two second delay between T-Logs, but we are still working to remove it.

:: Justin ::

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Sending a GER via SComm

Rifat wrote this response to a customer who asked a question about an easy way to save comments on a GER and send it via SComm at the same time.  I had never thought of doing it this way so fugured other people might not have eather.

The review comments need to be ‘saved’ before other staff members can see the comments. When you save your comments they are viewable by all users who have access to the GER.

If you would like only the submitter to see your comments you can return the GER by sending it through SComm.

Please follow the steps below to do so:

Step 1: Click on the Approve link under the General Event Report area […]

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Session Expiration in Therap 6.2

Have you seen this window pop up?

Our goal here is to avoid the situation where you have been working on Therap, got distracted, and haven’t finished what you were working on, so you don’t want to be automatically logged out.

It’s worked for me a few times already!

I hope it saves you time and work.

:: Justin ::

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Therap 6.2 Released

We have just released an upgrade to our application, Release 6.2. Following are the changes available in this release:

Session Expiry

When a session is about to expire (there has been no recorded activity for a length of time), you will now get a warning 5 minutes prior to getting logged off. This feature has been added to the application based on feedback from our users and we hope you will find it helpful.

General Event Reports

  • You will now see the ‘Event Type’ option in the General Event Reports (GER) Search page. This will allow you to search for GERs of any particular event type.
  • The NY 147(A) form has been added as […]
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