Having fun with Supported Employment in Milford, Delaware

I spent a wonderful morning with the fine folks at Kent-Sussex Industries conducting a small Quantum AI review. They are not as you might think, some quaint thatching company in the rural villages of England, but rather a provider of employment services in the southern counties of Delaware. During my discussions with Jayson about using our Supported Employment Application he was telling what a good year last year was and that their annual report will include the fact the last year they paid somewhere around $2,000,000 in wages to people with disabilities. How impressive is that! It’s not just a financial thing though as you can be sure that the folks who are earning that money […]


Today I got my first go at playing around with a beta version of T-Tasks!

This is a very exciting first step forwards to a fully integrated task management module for Therap that we have great hopes for.

This beta version is also pretty cool in that it is being released within the current production application (if you are lucky enough to have a DEMO account you can go and play with it).  For those of you keeping score at home we are now up to 7.0.19!

When we are a little more comfortable with it we’ll be offering folks the opportunity to add it as a feature to your FirstPage.  Let […]

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Make sure that you can see all your GERs

If you think you are not seeing all the General Event Reports that you should, please check your “My Profile” settings (in the right hand column of your FirstPage under the heading “My Account”).

You will only see counts on your FirstPage for types of GER that are checked in the list here.

This is also a way to cut down on the reports that you see on your FirstPage if you are only responsible for signing off on particular types of report.

Whether or not they show in your FIrstPage counts, you will still be able to find all the reports that you have rights to using search.

:: Justin ::

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Make sure that you are making the most of Therap

For the second time in the last week or so I was speaking to some folks today who were using the Therap ISP module but weren’t aware of the ISP library.  They were very excited when I showed them how it worked, but they could have saved themselves an awful lot of work if they had known about it earlier.

If you’re not sure that you are using all the Therap features you could, please let us know and we’d be happy to walk through the new stuff.

Also, if you have any ideas about how we can better let people know about new features as they come out, we’d love to hear that too.

:: Justin ::

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Careful with recurring appointments

When you create a recurring appointment, the begin date and end date refer to the orriginal occurrence of the appointment. How many times the appointment repeats will be determined by the infomation in the bottom section.

So, if you want a meeting to be every Monday morning for a year, schedule the first one (starting and ending on the same date) and then set the weekly repetition to happen until a date you set a year from now.

If you set the End Date to be a year from now, the system thinks that the appointment/meeting is going to last for a year (I know some meetings drag on a bit, but…) and so you are going to […]

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Staff Scheduling looking like a real hit

It’s always difficult to know when new applications are released which are going to be the ones that really excite people and get used quickly.

Staff Scheduling seems to be one of those hits with people really liking what it does and able to grasp how it works right away. I think that a lot of this is to do with the way that Staff Scheduling interacts with the (new and improved!) Therap Calendar. It’s such a natural display tool that people just get it.

We have lots and lots of plans for the future of staff scheduling, but we’d love to know what you think so that we head off in the right direction. Question […]

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More upgrades tonight

The last few weeks have seen an awful lot of activity here in Therapville what with the release of 7.0 and some significant performance improvements (more on performance issues later).  Tonight we will be taking the next step in some major hardware and infrastructure upgrades that are  part of our constant mission to bring you better products and better services (as well as to go where no human services application has been before!).

As a result of this, the system will be unavailable for a while (we are projecting 5:00am to 7:00am EST on Sunday 2/25.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

:: Justin ::

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Efficient Searching

We released our first post 7.0 update 7.0.1 this morning (apologies to people who were havibg a hard time logging on at around 7:30am).

As well as a few small bug fixes, this included a significant update to address performance. Basically it works like this: if you request a search, you will not be able to request another search until that one is complete. This might seem obvious, but sometimes when people get a tad impatient (myself included) they click that search button again or give up and go and do something else. The problem with this is that the database is still working on your first search, so if you give it a bunch more […]

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Finding your way around Therap 7.0

As Therap 7.0 came out this weekend, people are starting to look for what’s new.

On the face of it, as a regular user, the answer may appear to be “not much”.

One thing that you will find has changed is the order of the boxes on FirstPage. This caused great hilarity when I was trying to present at the DSP Conference last week and couldn’t find anything!

To see a lot of the other enhancements you’ll have to be given rights by your Provider Administrator.

Everyone thought will be able to see the groovy new Therap Calendar (unless of course your Provider Administrator has chosen to turn it off for you which is a new option)

:: Justin ::

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