Press release :: Therap Services Announces Release 7.2 for the Developmental Disability Community

WATERBURY, Conn., March 2 /PRNewswire/

— Therap Services announces the release of version 7.2 of its integrated suite of documentation, communication and reporting applications. Therap version 7.2 will feature new forms such as the Immunization Form and Consultation Form in the Health Tracking module and the Emergency Medical/Behavior Intervention Strategies (EMBIS) form in the GER module.

Major updates in version 7.2 include:
— Behavior Plan and Behavior Event Records are no longer linked. So adding behaviors or interventions when Behavior Event Record is created will not automatically update the individual’s Behavior Plan.
— A ‘Mark As Read and Go to Next’ button will […]

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7.2 Comes out tonight

As you no doubt know from the splash page we’ve had up for a while.

You’ll know it’s there when your login page looks much more orange!

Screenshot of Therap Log in Page

:: Justin ::

P.S. Don’t forget those Abuse-Neglect GER Settings

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Abuse and Neglect in Therap 7.2

Screenshot of User Profile Page

When Therap 7.2 comes out on Saturday there are a whole bunch of changes which you can review here.

One of the most significant changes is that once a GER (incident report) has been submitted that has Yes selected for either “Abuse Suspected” or “Neglect Suspected” no-one will be able to see it unless they have the “Has access to Abuse/Neglect GERs” box checked on their user profile.

In order to be sure that you do not lose track of any GERs, be sure that you go in and edit the appropriate user profiles as soon as you can after the release of 7.2

:: Justin […]

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Downtime this weekend

Please remember that Therap will be unavailable from 10:00pm EST on Fri Feb 15, 2008 to about 8:00am EST on Sat Feb 16, 2008 as we will be upgrading to Release 7.2

Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns

:: Justin ::

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Release Notes for Version 7.2

Therap is ready to bring to you its first major release for the year. Version 7.2 of the Therap system is ready and its release is scheduled for Sat Feb 16, 2008.

Please note that as we update the system, the application will be unavailable from

10:00pm EST on Fri Feb 15,
to about 8:00am
EST on Sat Feb 16, 2008.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

Here is an […]

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7.2 Coming Soon!

We are looking to release Therap 7.2 next weekend (Feb 16th)

You can read the release notes and discuss them on our Forum by clicking here.

Probably the biggest deal in 7.2 is that users will only be able to review and approve GERs that allege abuse or neglect if they have specifically been given that abilitly in their user profile

:: Justin ::

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TMS in Therap 7.2

There are a bunch of cool new things going into Therap’s Training Management System (TMS) in 7.2

They include:

Import Training Records from Excel (See above)

First page count for ‘View Sign ups’ under Training Sessions in the My Training Class area

Use of the paging method in Old Certification page (to avoid scrolling – very cool!).

Automatically notify users through SComm when a training session date is changed (possibly even cooler!)

Sort user list by Last Name, First Name

Select criteria for report on Training Hours will […]

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More 7.2 :: Provider Preferences and PDFs

In 7.2 you will be able to print a lot more in PDF format (starting with all Health Tracking Data).  We have developed a common format for this, and in your Provider Preferences you’ll be able to choose what data is included in the header/footer (different states have different rules funnily enough) and you can also upload your agency logo.  In fact you can actually upload your agency logo now, it’s just it’s only displayed on GERs and Billing invoices.

:: Justin ::

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