Creating a T-Log without an individual

There was good news and bad news in Therapville today.

Screenshot of 'Provider Preference' Pge

We added a new feature to Provider Preferences, allowing you to turn off the ability to create this kind of T-Log at your agency.

The bad news was that we set all the switches to “No” and turned them off for everyone. This was fixed shortly after we worked out what we had done, but I want to apologize to anyone who was confused or inconvenienced.

:: Justin ::


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More 7.3 Excitement

just got my hands on the latest alpha version of 7.3 and have some fun stuff to share!

Screenshot of Custom User Group Page

Shared SComm User Groups! This is one we have been asked for a lot, Provider Administrator will be able to create Custom User Groups and make them available to everyone.

Screenshot of General Events Report Page Pointing at Various Sections

Context Sensitive Help. Starting with GERs there will be little help buttons strategically spread throughout the page to give help on those pieces. At the top of the page will be help on the entire module.

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More 7.3

Here’s what I’ve been playing with today…

1. Context sensitive help in GER along with video tutorial.

§ You will find Support Home link at the top.

§ Question mark icons denote help for each section and one at the top for the overall GER.

2. Health Tracking § Review Section

§ Attach files to Appointment and Lab Test

§ Navigation improvement in HT search and lists- users can click on next and previous links.


4. GER

§ NJ state form updated for Initial IR

§ File attachment

§ PDF header for Iowa regulations.

All very exciting, and rumour has it that Friday will see even more!

:: Justin ::

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Fun times in 7.3

We now have an internal developmental alpha release of 7.3 for us to do some testing on (which I always find really exciting).

Currently my toys include:

Screenshot of the Health Tracking Review List
The Health Tracking Review list.

Screenshot of Attached files in General Events Report
Attaching files to a General Event Report

Screenshot of New York ISP

New York ISPs

All very cool stuff. Be sure to look and play at our conferences.

You can click on the pictures for bigger images.

:: Justin ::

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New ISP Features in Therap 7.3 – Will create New York MSC reports and more

As you probably know, in Therap 7.3 we will be introducing the New York ISP (and hopefully a generic version of it). Well, the other essential element in New York is keeping tabs on folks known as Medicaid Service Coordinators who have a particular monthly report that they have to do.

To achieve this, we are adding the ability to have comments posted with each task in an ISP Program. As you can see from the screenshots below, it’s very cool and will allow all sorts of flexibility for other kinds of data collection too.


Screenshot of Individual Service Plan/Individual Program Plan Page


Screenshot [...]

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Tuesday at The Resource Center in Jamestown, NY

Picture of Justin's Presentation at Resource Center

I spent another great day training and working with the folks at The Resource Center. Probably the most exciting bit of which was talking to the Medicaid Service Coordinators about the New York OMRDD ISP which is going to be a bright and shiny new feature in Therap 7.3

We we able to run through the prototype that is in the usability garage and get lots of feedback on what should go where and where it should come form. This is going to be a very cool module, not only for folks in New York, but also everywhere else.

:: Justin ::

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More ISP Stuff

Screenshot of ISP Module

After a conversation with (Her Majesty) Renee, I wanted to make clear what we’re looking for in renaming our ISP module (and I have another excuse to show off a groovy screenshot).

When we bring in our new Individual Service Plan (ISP) module in 7.3 it is not going to make any sense if we keep calling our existing module by the same name. It is the existing module that needs to change as it is capable of doing so many different things.

So, what should we call it?

Answers on the back of an email…

:: Justin ::

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