Connecticut Emergency Individual Fact Sheet in Therap

We are in the final testing stages for bringing out the Connecticut Emergency Data Form in Therap.  In fact, if you want to see it, check out one of our DEMO accounts as it is active in there.

Soon, for all providers in Connecticut, there  will be a new link at the bottom of each EDF that looks like this:

Screenshot showing new PDF link at the bottom of Emergency Data Form.

Clicking on that will open up the following form:

Screenshot of PDF form.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

:: Justin ::

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Used to be FirstPage Menu, now Quick Links

Therap Quick Links Menu.

When we brought out the FirstPage Menu a few weeks ago, we received more positive Feedbacks than we have for just about any feature that I can think of.  However, for a certain group of users (those not using the items listed on FirstPage menu) it was a bit of a pain having to scroll to the bottom of that list and click twice where you used to only click once.

So, today we introduced “Quick Links”.  All the joy of FirstPage Menu with none of the hassle!  Thanks to everyone who gave us suggestions so that we got here.  It’s a great example […]

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Welcome to FirstPage Menu

Screenshot showing FirstPage Menu

As you log into Therap this morning you’ll notice a small but significant change!

Gone is the ever-present FirstPage link at the top to be replaced by a new “FirstPage Menu” which will allow you not only to jump back to FirstPage, but if you would like to, you can jump directly to one of a number of other places (based on your permissions of course).

I really like this, let me know what you think!

:: Justin ::

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For those of you keeping score at home

Overnight we actually did two quick updates, 8.0.16 and 8.0.17

This fixed a few known bugs and added some extra features. 

If you have any questions, just let us know.

Also watch for some previews later!

:: Justin ::

The highlights are:

  1. Additional fields are now displayed in the ISP Data and ISP Program Archives
  2. There is now a PDF for the ISP Programmatic Report
  3. When exporting ISP Data Searches to Excel, the times and duration are now configured as time fields in Excel
  4. Fixed some problems with exporting T-Logs to Excel where columns were not always sorted properly
  5. Fixed an issue with SComm sent dates
  6. Archived IPOPs can now be printed as PDFs
  7. Additional fields pulled from Med […]
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Spot the Difference

EnjWhen we brought out release 8.0.12 a few days a go there were a few subtle changes.  DId you notice them?

Here’s a few clues:

  1. Scoring Methods
  2. ISP Reports
  3. IPOP Text Boxes

Each one of these has been made just a little bit nicer and easier:

  1. When choosing a scoring method, click on the name and you’ll see a description.
  2. When you choose a Clinician Report, the redundant options no longer show
  3. The text boxes and be made bigger to see all your text as you type.


:: Justin ::

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Therap 8.0.9 Released

Graphic showing We use Therap for Quality-Do You?

Today we released an update with a few significant bits and pieces.

If you’ve logged in already, you’ll notice that we now have the ability to include fancy graphical splash pages.  I really like it, what do you think?  Got any ideas for future ones?

webinar Cartoon.

We also added three new fields to the New York 147 State Incident Report to comply with the new regulation there (well ahead of the December 1st deadline).

There have also been a bunch of minor feature/bug fixes.


:: Justin ::

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Scanning Webinar

Graphic showing Therap Webinars

Today I ran a quick scanning webinar which you can watch here

It’s a really simple feature to use once you have it up and running.  What may be a little tricky is installing the file you need to help your browser talk to your scanner.  Here are some instructions:

Please note that ‘AspriseJTwain.dll’ has to be copied to c:windowssystem32 in the computer to be able to scan the documents and attach them to different Therap modules. If ‘AspriseJTwain.dll’ is not copied then, an error message will be shown when a user clicks on the ‘Start Scan’ button.

To copy this file to the computer, click on the ‘here’ link given in the error message. […]

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