Sometimes we fall short of our own expectations.

We have had quite a remarkable week here in Therapville.

We’ve had five user group meetings up and down the East Coast, we welcomed Stephen to the fold, and we have continued to add new customers across the country (and in Canada).

The User Groups have been particularly good.  With Sazzad and Asif here to learn even more about ISPs, IEPs, ELPs, Hab Plans, and billing there have been some pretty intense conversations going on as we continue to make Therap a better and better product.  We are especially excited about providers who are working together to share data through Therap.

At the same time though, we have worked out that the were elements of the 8.1 […]

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Welcome to Therap 8.1

I do hope that you are enjoying Therap 8.1

A few points to note:

  • Read the Release Notes!
  • If you haven’t tried it yet, check out the dashboard.  this is obviously brand new (so much so that it doesn’t have a Test Mode so do your training on FirstPage).  This is just the beginning so send us lots of feedback so we can make it even better!
  • Download and Try out the T-Girl Training CD!
  • Notice the change in Super Roles.  There are now two types: Agency Wide and Caseload Based.  This may be a little confusing to start with but will actually make life much simpler as you move forward.  To help in the transition, we have split all […]
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A note from Sazzad for those of you using Therap's Medication Administration Records

MAR 11 by you.

We are happy to inform you that we will soon be releasing Version 8.1 of the Therap Applications. In this release, along with other modules, we have also updated the Medication Administration Record (MAR) module .

Please note that, to access MAR in 8.1, users will now require a new set of MAR specific roles instead of the Health Tracking (HT) roles (HT Submit, HT Update and HT View). Following are the new MAR Roles which will be introduced in 8.1:

1) MAR Configuration Approve – With this role, users will be able to Approve an MAR.

2) […]

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Are you ready for 8.1? (just wait until you see what we have in 8.1.x!)

Tonight’s the night!

If you haven’t already, read the Release Notes.

As if that was not enough, we actually have more stuff that didn’t quite make it into 8.1 that you will be seeing over the coming weeks.  One of the biggest of those is a make-over for SComm.  Check this out, Shawon and his team have done some incredible work:

Long Messages

Will now scroll inside your page so the “Mark As Read” buttons are much easier to find

Screenshot of SComm message

Advanced Search

Find any SComm using any part of the message.

Screenshot showing Advanced Search [...]

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Therap Dashboard: Beta in 8.1

There I was, quietly doing some testing while waiting for Michele’s car to be serviced when I came across this.

I think you’ll get it from the pictures (click on them for bigger versions).

In 8.1 we will run this beta in parallel with FirstPage with a view to a possible transition in future (with lots of feedback of course).

I think this is REALLY cool!

Lots of kudos to Rajiv for making it look so pretty.

Only another week and you will be able to try it for yourself.

:: Justin ::

Therap dashboard showing 'To Do' tab.

Therap dashboard [...]

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Therap 8.1 Release Date Announced

We are planning to release Therap 8.1 on Saturday April 18th, 2009.

As this is a big release (much more on that over the next week) the system will need to be taken down for a number of hours, probably starting around midnight.

As usual we will give you much more detail as the release gets closer

:: Justin ::

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Even more on MARs in Therap 8.1

Once you have created your MARs and staff have done all their documentation, you’ll want to find new ways to use all that wonderful information that you have at your fingertips.

We are introducing a new flexible report generator that will look something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Report Criteria form.

I am sure there will be much more to show you soon!

:: Justin ::

And produce output like this:

Screenshot of MAR Custom Report page with Mar Report Criteria field and list of total records

An easy way to get reports on things like PRNs […]

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More about MARs in Therap 8.1

OK, let’s take a look at how you will set up an MAR when Therap 8.1 is released:

Basically you can set up any month’s MAR in advance (or look at old ones).  Obviously this is all based on having the correct roles assigned to you.

Screenshot of MAR Configuration Search.

As usual, if you click on a screenshot, you’ll get to see it and many more in Flickr.

Having chosen the MAR you want to set up, you’ll get a screen something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Configuration page after Search.

Here you can work on the […]

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