Release Notes for Therap 8.15

Therap 8.15 is packed with new and exciting features our users have been requesting. Following is a list of all the new modules and features that we are bringing to you on February 5, 2011!

Individual Data Form (IDF)

  • User’s can now search the IDF with more field such as SSN, medicaid number, medicare, Date of Birth etc.
  • The Medical Section of the IDF will link to the Diagnoses List of the Individual.

Individual Medical Information

Individual Medical Information section will now contain Individual’s Diagnosis record. Users may Add/Delete/Resolve Diagnoses of an Individual. The Medical section of the IDF will also have a link to the Diagnoses List.

Individual Home

This new module will allow a user to see find detailed […]

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T-Log enhancements in Therap 8.15

When Therap 8.15 comes out this weekend, there will be a number of new features including the following one for T-Logs that a lot of people have been asking for (especially Jeff and Frank!)

You will now have the option to turn on Start and End Times for T-Logs (in Provider Preferences)

and if you do, your staff will be able to record just that:

Tomorrow we should have the full release notes for you (be sure to read closely, especially if you use billing in Florida, Delaware, Colorado, Wyoming, or Kansas)

:: Justin ::

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Therap 8.15 on its way…

We are in the final stages of testing Therap 8.15.  If you have been paying close attention, you will know that our original plan was to have the release tomorrow, however, as often happens in application development, their have been some unexpected hitches in final testing and we are going to put back the release (we hope to have it out this weekend)

There are a whole bunch of things included (this is probably the last major release before Therap 9.0) which I will cover as the week goes on.

As part of our ongoing move towards CCHIT Compliance, we are redesigning the way we track diagnoses.  This will now be much more comprehensive allowing for Axes, start dates, end dates, […]

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