Therap 8.2.8 Released

Graphic of release notes of SComm messages by program

This weekend we added a bunch of nice updates, here they are:

Dashboard Enhancements

  • A new ‘Drag and Drop’ feature has been added to the Dashboard. Users can now drag a module box and drop it in a new position. This lets a user have the most frequently used modules easily accessible.

T-Log Enhancements

  • Two separate fields, ‘Entered By’ and ‘Updated By’, are now available at the top of T-Logs. The ‘Entered By’ field displays the name of the person who created the T-Log and the ‘Updated By’ field will display the name of the person […]
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Getting Used to Therap 8.2

Therap 8.2 Releaseed

I have a friend who likes to say “It’s not change that’s difficult, it’s transition”.  It’s an interesting point, and one that is very apt on the Monday of a new release.

People have spent a long time getting used to Therap the way it is and even when we bring out something as stupendous as the new SComm, it is bound to cause some anxiety and heartache!

Rest assured though that we try our very best not to change things for changes sake, but rather to give you a better experience in our application.  Having said that, hearing your first impressions of a new […]

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Getting access to First DataBank Drug datalase in Therap 8.2

You have probably heard us talking a lot about the link between Medication History, Medication Administration Records and the First DataBank drug database over the last few months.

It’s something that we are really excited about that already gives you and your staff access to a ton of information about medications directly from the medication history or the Medication Administration Record.  Over the coming months we’ll be adding even more functionality.

If you are looking in your account and don’t see something like this when you go to add a new medication, then you probably haven’t got the feature switched on yet.
(click on the picture to see a full size version)

Drug [...]

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8.2 deployment taking longer than expected

Bringing up a new version of Therap is never a simple task.  In fact it probably gets more complicated each time we do it.  One of the major processes involved is migrating the data from the way it is structured in the old database to the way it need to be in the new one (new features and processes usually involve us changing the layout of the database).  It’s actually one of the many reasons that choosing a hosted system like Therap makes the most sense – you don’t have to do this for yourself!

Unfortunately that process is taking longer today that it did during testing so it will be a […]

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Here comes 8.2

Graphic of T-Girl inviting everyone to help and support site

Tonight will see us deploying the next iteration of the wonderfulness that is Therap.

Therap 8.2 will be ready for you tomorrow morning.  Not only will you get access to a great new release, you will also meet the first iteration of what I think is going to be a very new and exciting support site!

Lots more over the weekend…

:: Justin ::

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More 8.2 Goodies

Ever wondered who has been assigned a particular Super Role or Case Load?

Well in Therap 8.2 it is easier than ever to find out:

On the Super Role and Case Load lists there is a new link:

Screenshot of Super Role list module showing name list, create new super lole and others fields.

Or on the actual SuperRole or CaseLoad page:

Screenshot of Update / Delete Super Role module name, type and Role name select or clear fields.

It’s that easy!

More updates to come!

:: Justin ::

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