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This weekend sees the first of our new iterative released which have called 8.3  It has a bunch of really cool stuff in it.  You can see it all in the release notes.

Unfortunately (with sincere apologies to my friends at The Resource Center, Red River, and Oak Hill who I know were particularly excited about it) the agency specific splash page will not be included in this release.  As were were entering the final stages of testing we found some quirks and rather than delay the release we held this off until the next iteration.

The good news though is that this will help ensure a […]

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Therap 8.3 on its way

This weekend we will be releasing Therap 8.3! One thing you will notice of the next few months is that rather than building towards a massive release for 3-6 months, we are going to be doing a number of smaller, iterative releases.  Our goal here is to bring you the functionality that you require as soon as we can while maintaining and improving system stability and availability.

In “Software as a Service” this is always a challenge and one of the fun things about being part of Therap is that we are continually working to adapt ourselves to best meet the challenges that we faces and that our customers face.

Here’s a few of the things that you […]

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