Montana Incident Report Updated

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Things are moving on apace in Montana since we won the RFP there. Hopefully you have been keeping track of all of Maureen’s travels around the state. We have now visited virtually every single provider in the State of Montana and the move towards a paperless state is gaining momentum!

As part of this process (and we are learning a lot along the way too!) we released an update last night (Therap 8.4.2) which simplifies the completing of the Montana State Incident Report.

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Things to see in Therap 8.4

Have you noticed that you can now attach documents to an Individual Data Form?

This is a very cool feature that we’ve been asked for a while and included in last weekend’s release.

Screenshot fo IDF File Attach

As you can see you can add up to 10Mb of files to any IDF leaving plenty room for things like scanned copies of medical cards, birth certificates, or other vital documents.  Remember if you find that when you scan something the file size is too big, turn down the detail on your scanner you probably never use the level of detail it is set to.

Over in our General […]

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Welcome to Therap 8.4

This morning we released the latest of our Fall 2009 Iterations: Therap 8.4

There are a whole bunch of goodies (including the Report Library and Splash Pages that didn’t quite make 8.3

You can read all about it in the Release Notes:


  • Response to <<Feedback>> will now be sent to user’s Secure Communications Inbox.
  • Providers will now be able to create custom Splash pages for communicating with their staff.
  • For all scheduled downtime / system upgrade of Therap Applications, a notice will be displayed in advance. This will enable users to save the forms they were working on and not loose any data.

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