Welcome to Therap 8.6

Therap is happy to bring to you Version 8.6 of Therap Applications. With this release made on October 25, 2009, the following enhancements have been added to the system:


Locking/Unlocking Expired Sessions: The session expiry feature has been enhanced, so that, the session is locked when left unattended for a long time, instead of expiring and logging users out. Users will now be prompted to reenter their password to renew the current session. Once the password has been entered, the user can resume what they had been working on, without any data being lost. The locked session will remain for 3 and a half hours, after which a user will be logged out permanently.

New Autocomplete Feature: An autocomplete […]

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Side by Side IV comes to an end, 8.6 on its way

Today saw the end of a very successful Side by Side Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As is traditional, we played my favourite conference game: Jeopardy, as usual, it was riotously fun.


You can get the latest version of what is now called Stu’s Quiz boxes here.

Now that that is over we can look forward to our next little piece of excitement, Therap 8.6 which will release this weekend!

You’ll be seeing a few cool features, especially for those who search, get logged out, and work in billing and ISP plans

More details to follow

:: Justin ::

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