Therap 8.9.3 :: New Policy Acknowledgement Feature for Electronic Signatures

With the release of Therap 8.9.3 today we have added more functionality to help agencies work with their regulators and achieve compliance with electronic signature rules around the county.  This is another example of functionality developed in conjunction with our users at the Provider Administration Conference.

As many of you know, this is a slightly moving target and one we continue to monitor and work with.

Therap’s latest feature allows you to mandate that staff acknowledge a policy or statement before logging into the system (see below for instructions).  One suggestion is that you have your staff acknowledge that by entering data in Therap they understand that they are electronically signing those documents.  You can choose if […]

Updated Release Notes for Therap 8.9

Dear Users,

Therap is happy to bring to you Version 8.9 of Therap Applications. With this release made on February 28, 2010, the following enhancements have been added to the system:

Issue Tracking System

  • We have created a new system to track support issues. From now on users will exclusively use the ‘Feedback’ link to send issues to support agents (we have removed the ‘SComm to Customer Support’ link from SComm type select page).
  • All message exchanges on an issue will be available in a single page in a threaded view.
  • We have removed SComm from all support related communications. […]
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Draft Release notes for Therap 8.9

We are planning on our next upgrade this weekend.

Here’s an initial (as in still to be finalized) look at what we will include:


  • Users can now get the Utilization Report in Excel format for the Institutional Claim area.
  • Billing Data with zero (0) billable units will not be added in Unclaimed Report’s billing data count.
  • An option for 60 mins (Hourly Billing Calculation) has been added to the Smallest Allowed Increment field in the Automatic Unit Calculation from Time In/Out section.


  • A Non Billable Section for adding Non Billable items has been introduced in the Attendance Data […]
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New ISP Data Update Role

Please note that for greater flexibility in the ISP Program module, we have introduced a new role, the ISP Data Update role.

Previously, users were required to have both the ISP Data and ISP Approve roles to be able to change or update ISP Data forms entered by other users. With the upcoming Therap release version 8.9, users will be able to update ISP Data forms if they are assigned with the new ISP Data Update role. Users with only the ISP Data role, will still be able to edit ISP Data forms that were entered by them.

Due to this […]

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