DSP Recognition Week

ANCOR’s National Advocacy Campaign sponsors National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week every year to honor the direct support workforce in America, dedicated to improving the quality of lives for millions of people with disabilities in the country. 

Given the emphasis that Therap puts on DSPs, we are delighted to join with in in saluting those who have a direct impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

On this occasion, support providers across the United States take the opportunity to show their appreciation to these extraordinary members of the community by bringing together agency professionals, family members of persons with disabilities and other members of the community to celebrate the efforts of DSPs through events […]

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Using the ISP Global Template Library

ISPGL by you.

On of the fun things about being a Therap user as well as a Therap employee is sometimes in the middle of doing something you realize just how cool it all is.  I was trying to work out the best way for Michele and me to document Siraya’s sleep (or lack of it) and I just couldn’t come up with something that I was happy with.

Looking for inspiration, I turned to the Global ISP Template Library and was able to scan through other people’s attempts at doing so.  The results were fascinating and I was able though a combination of the things I saw come up […]

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The Life of Bryan

It’s obviously Bryan week in Therapville! After my previous post, I was reviewing our latest brochure (a billing one) which will be coming out soon and came across this quote. So I thought I would show off!

Picture of Bryan Thayer

This is a particularly pleasurable endorsement for me, not only because it says nice things about the work that we do, but because I know how much work Bryan puts into all that he does for the folks of Iowa.

Thanks Bryan, see you in Sioux Falls.

By the way, he’s been heard of in Nashville too!

:: Justin ::

PS You may have to click on the image to get a more legible version.

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Tuesday with Cardinal Service Management

I spend a wonderful day with my good friends at Cardinal Service Management in New Castle, Indiana.

As early users they hold a very special place in Therap lore. It’s also the home of AZ, long time friend of this blog and Iona’s.

A very special holiday wish goes out to all the folks at Cardinal, but especially to all AZ’s family.

We had a great day, going over their Therap implementation, looking at some cool new stuff for 7.2 and planning on folks coming to our Nurses and Clinicians conference next year!
:: Justin ::

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It's not just Kara that you have to keep up with!

Be sure to keep up with Priyanka, who along with Asif and Shawon is visiting Nepal this week and working with agencies there.

You can follow their progress on the Customer Support Blog.

With all this Therap blogging going on you might want to look into an RSS Feed Aggregator, I use Bloglines.

:: Justin ::

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Wednesday in Bismark, North Dakota

A new day and a new state.  The map above is of all the states I’ve been though with Therap! (the lighter colors are places I have only changed planes!

Things are looking good here at the North Dakota Association of Community Facilities.  It was particularly nice to meet Tom and some of the staff from Red River Human Services Foundation. They are just getting into the swing of things with Therap.  The cool thing that I keep hearing from people in Tom’s position is how much their staff love Therap.  How often is it that we can put in place a new system and our staff actually like it!

Interesting factoid of the day: Bismarck […]

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