Where's Kara?

Now that Kara is well into here two week  trek through the  Dakota’s, be sure to  keep up with her and Ishita’s progress in her blog.

Of course, if you are in North Dakota (this week) or South Dakota (next week) be sure to say hi to them and learn more about Therap.

:: Justin ::

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Finally, a conference in Connecticut

As I prepare to head off to Minnesota on Sunday and Kara and Ishita are getting ready for their trek through the Dakotas it is nice to hear that next year there will be some people coming to us. 

Since I started playing this game, the closest that one of the major national conferences has been was Boston.

Next year’s DDNA Conference however will be at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino right here in Little Ol’ Connecticut.

See you there!


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Don't miss a GER

In follow up to this post by me and this post by Kara, please be sure that you have your FirstPage configured to see all the General Event Reports that you want to be notified about.

To check that you are set up properly, just do the following:

  1. Go to you FirstPage.
  2. In the right hand column under My Account click on the My Profile link.
  3. Under the Preferences heading make sure that all the GER FirstPage count: checkboxes are checked for the types that you want to see.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

:: Justin ::

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Where's Kara?

These days it can be easier to track down Waldo than to track down Ms. Blevins.

That is unless you follow her blog.

Kara is on her way back from a health conference in Maryland following recent appearances in New Mexico at the DDNA conference and in Minnesota for the ARRM conference.

After all that excitement, she’ll be heading off to North and South Dakota next week.

So, if you want to have Kara stop in and see you, be sure to get in touch soon!

:: Justin ::

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Going back to North Dakota

Because I had such a great and successful trip to North Dakota last week, we’re going to be going back.  This time Kara is the lucky one who will get to meet all you fine North Dakotans.

She will be in North Dakota for the week of June 4th-10th to provide demonstrations, training, and set up.

If you would like to meet with her, please get in touch.

:: Justin ::

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Blogs, blogs, everywhere

Exciting news, Kara now has her own blog as do a bunch of other folks from Therap Customer Support.  I think that this is a really great opportunity for you all to get to know Kara, Allison, Syeed, and the rest of us in Therapville.

So please go ahead and visit the other Therap Blogs and leave comments, but don’t forget about me!

:: Justin ::

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