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On the outside you can see that we have a fancy new look to all our blog (thanks to Rajiv and our incredibly talented design team), but the bigger changes are really on the inside.  We have switched from having a series of separate WordPress blogs using WordPress Multiuser where all the blogs are within the same database.

The biggest benefit of this for you, dear reader, is that if you create an account for yourself on one Therap blog, you will be able to use it across them all.

So, go ahead, get commenting!

:: Justin ::

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Blogging from my iPod

My latest piece of technology is an ipod touch (basically an iPhone without the phone). It really is a remarkable piece of technology and I am particularly fond of the Apps (I am writing this on the WordPress app as I watch the Mets and wait for 8.1)

It’s also really good at running Therap!

::Justin ::

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A few of my favourite things: Firefox Plugins

Haven’t done this in a while, so I thought it was about time to update by Top n Lists, so here goes:

Justin’s Top 7 Firefox Plugins (the ones I am using just now)

very shiny one

1. ScribeFire
Using it to write this post, just the easiest, quickest and best way to blog.

2. Fireshot
Quickest and easiest way to take screenshots of webpages

3. Twitterfox
A newish one for me, makes my Twitter addiction bearable

4. Yammerfox
Does the same for my Yammering

5. IEtab
Still essential (though I use it less these days) for sites that will only work in Internet Explorer.  Uee IE inside a Firefox tab.

6. FireFTP
Quick and easy FTP (including secure) within Firefox

7. […]

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Welcome Richard to the Blogosphere

The more observant amongst you may have noticed a new entry in the list of Therap Blogs.

Richard has decided to come and join us and share his wit and wisdom.

Personally, I am really excited about it and think there are going to be some great posts and discussions going on over at: https://www.therapservices.net/blog/richard/

So be sure to head over and join in!

:: Justin ::

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Using the ISP Global Template Library

ISPGL by you.

On of the fun things about being a Therap user as well as a Therap employee is sometimes in the middle of doing something you realize just how cool it all is.  I was trying to work out the best way for Michele and me to document Siraya’s sleep (or lack of it) and I just couldn’t come up with something that I was happy with.

Looking for inspiration, I turned to the Global ISP Template Library and was able to scan through other people’s attempts at doing so.  The results were fascinating and I was able though a combination of the things I saw come up […]

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