Have you thought about becoming a Therap Certified Trainer?

Take a look at the video from Chelsea and read a few of the posts over on the Certified Trainer Blog and I am sure that you want to sign up and join what is an excellent group of people showing off and enhancing their Therap skills.

To find out what is involved, what the benefits are, and how to become a Certified Trainer, head over to: http://support.therapservices.net/display/training/Become+a+Certified+Therap+Services+Trainer

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Creating Individual Based Access

There’s a very interesting post by Craig Buswell over on The Certified Trainer’s Blog about creating individual based access.  By the way, if you aren’t a regular reader of that blog you are missing out, it should be part of your day, just about every day.  Also, be sure to respond to the bloggers, it’s great to know someone is reading!

Craig suggests an approach to individual access that I would not recommend to most people (in fact I remember when we first brought out caseloads undoing a similar sort of setup while hiding at the back of a CARF Conference!).

The goal certainly makes sense though.  If you work with an individual, you want to be able to have […]

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Certified Trainer Series of Webinars!

Be sure to check out this series of webinars. It’s your chance to listen to and ask questions of, experienced Therap users who are out there changing the world.

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Also visit the Certified Trainers’ Blog.

Upcoming webinars by Certified Trainers

Our amazing group of Certified Trainers (complete with their shiny new laptop bags) have a series of webinars that they are putting on.

You should probably sign up for them all!

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Webinars by our Therap Certified Trainers

Graphic showing Therap Certified Trainer

Allison has just published the latest list of Certified Trainer Wedinars.

This is your chance to listen in to experienced users from around the country talk about how they use Therap.

Here’s a sample of what’s on offer:

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Are you keeping up with the Certified Trainers Blog?

Graphic showing date of User Presentations

If you have taken the time to find your way over to this fine instituation, I do hope that you are also taking the time to read our Certified Trainers Blog.  In many ways it is much more interesting that mine!

While my focus is on things going on with our application (and of course The Famous Heart of Midlothian Football Club), over there you can read about and interact with the folks who are using Therap on the front lines every day.  It’s a great read and shouldn’t be missed.

If you are already a Certified Trainer, I hope that we are going to see you at our

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