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This mornings trouble was a good reminder that we all need to be prepared for when things go wrong or aren’t available.

One step is to know exactly when Therap is unavailable or planning downtime.

The easiest way to do that is to subcribe to our status updates at

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DSP Conference :: Friday :: So long, fare well…

Well… Our fortnight of conferences and the DSP Conference in particular have drawn to a close.

We had some more great games this morning, including a “stump the experts” in which I was thoroughly beaten by Allison, Sazzad, and Kara.  There may have been a little cheating by Geraro, I’m not sure :-)

Now it’s time to pack up and get back to supporting all you fine folks out there in Therapville!

:: Justin ::

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T-Logs for $800

This afternoon was our latest adventure into Therap gaming when we all played Therap Jeopardy – hosted by yours truly.

If we thought people were competitive before, well…

The fun this in this game was that people had to go and find various pieces of data in DEMO. So, peopel really had to use the system and all learned something.

It was also a whole lot of fun!

To run the game we used Stu’s Double Jeopardy which worked a treat.  If you ever want to make your own Jeopardy game, the is the one to use.  Beats fooling around in PowerPoint.

:: Justin ::

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DSP Conference :: Thursday :: Let the games begin

It’s not that we’re competitive or anything…

One of our major goals for this conference is to develop materials that will be made available for agencies to use when training their staff to use Therap.

A bunch of these are going to be based around games, and we proved again this morning that give people a chance to win and they will go all out and at the same time learn how to use the system

This morning’s game was a scavenger hunt.  Team had ten questions, the answer to which could be found somewhere in Therap.

Folks really enjoyed it and we’ll be making the questions and the games available as […]

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DSP Conference :: Wednesday :: Conferencing and a quick(ish) trip to Staten Island

Warren uses kinesthetics to show how GERs progress across states.

What a busy day!

While the conference was going full swing, I took a a quick run down to Staten Island to present to a couple of agencies.

It would have been an even quicker trip if it hadn’t been for all the traffic across Brooklyn.  Interestingly Vickie (my GPS) changed her mind on the way back and sent me home through New Jersey which worked much better!

As I suspected, we have a great group of folks here again this week who are about to be put through Sazzad’s comedy routine!

:: Justin ::

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One down, one to go

Now that we’ve (almost) recovered from a wonderful week of conferencing with Provider Administrators (Photos available here) it’s time to get ready for The 2nd Therap Direct Support Professional Conference starting this week.

We’ll be checking in with folks about travel arrangements tomorrow, so be sure to let us know when you are coming in.

We’ve some great stuff planned, you don’t want to miss this

:: Justin ::


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One final reminder…

If you are looking to come to our Provider Administration and Direct Support Professional conferences, please let us know as soon as possible as we are running out of time and spaces.

If you have told us you are coming but haven’t sent in your forms or let us know your travel schedule please do that too!

We’ll be posting a more detailed  outline of the conferences soon, they are looking very exciting.

:: Justin ::

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Have you…?

A couple of things that should be on your to-do list if you haven’t done them yet:

  1. Check out the beta release of Therap 7.1. We expect the production release to happen early next month, but now is the time to get in there, check it out and give us your comments and recommendations. To get access to the Beta release, just get in touch.
  2. Get your registration forms in for our conference. Space is filling up, but there is still time. Forms available at:

So, what are you waiting for?

:: Justin ::

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