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This mornings trouble was a good reminder that we all need to be prepared for when things go wrong or aren’t available.

One step is to know exactly when Therap is unavailable or planning downtime.

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What a great Annual Conference

Those of you who made it to our National Conference this week in New Jersey already know what a great three days it was.  If you weren’t there, you missed all sorts of great sessions, seeing what new modules we are working on, meeting with our developers, support staff, and the rest of the Therap Team, and even trying out brand spanking new things like Mobile ISP Data, Executive Reports and more.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed, I am always amazed at how smoothly these things run which is thanks to a combination of our Therap staff, great Therap Users, and the hotel staff.

One of the key things we talked about was our Pharmacy Interface.  I am putting […]

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Therap Multi-State Provider Quality Assurance Conference

Graphic Showing 'Join us'

Following on from the success of Therap’s Multi-State Provider Billing Conference, Therap will be holding its first Multi State Provider Quality Assurance Conference on November 28th and 29th In Southbury, Connecticut
This conference will address the unique needs and challenges faced by multi-state organizations.  These include:
  • Implementing Organizational Goals across multiple states
  • Working across multiple regulatory systems
  • Reporting on and aggregating data from multiple accounts
  • Implementing Therap to ensure quality and compliance but also encourage local knowledge and expertise
  • Conforming […]

Therap Multi-State Billing Conference

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I am very excited to announce Therap’s first Multi-State Billing Conference, to take place in Southbury, Connecticut on July 18th and 19th, 2012.

Unfortunately we had to move just down the road from Waterbury due to hotel booking issues.

Currently we provide electronic billing in a number of states and we are planning to expand this range over the coming months and years.  We are also working with more and more agencies that provide services (and hence bill) in multiple states.

This conference will give an opportunity for Therap and our customers to work together on the special challenges that face multi-state organizations as well strategic directions that make the most sense for Therap’s electronic billing […]

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Thursday at NASDDDS in Sacramento, California

Having spent the first half of the week scoping out Southern California, I met a few locals:

Sacramento, California

And really like these purple trees:

purple trees in Sacramento, California

Now I am up in Sacramento with Peter for the NASDDDS (National Association of State Directors or Developmental Disabilites Services) Conference.

Therap Booth

It’s great to come here and meet so many of our customers in one place.  If you’re here I am have’t said hi yet, be sure to stop by.

:: Justin ::

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Are you signed up for a Therap Conference yet

Regional Conferences in June 2012 for providers of support to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities

We are now well and truly into our Spring conference season.  Last week was Dover, Deleware; this week was Kansas City, Missouri; and next week I’ll be joining folks in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

By the way, we have had so many people sign up for our New Mexico conference that we will be adding three more tracks. Look for an updated schedule soon.

 Graphic Showing Conference Dates on USA Map

As you can see we have a slate […]

Are you signed up for your local conference yet?

Upcoming Conferences

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Presenting at Therap's National Conference

Banner showing Therap Conferences

We have received some great proposals for user presentations at our National Conference for Provider Administrators in East Hanover, New Jersey which is taking place on February 7th-9th, 2012. I will be highlighting some of them over the coming weeks

We still have a few slots open on the schedule, so we are extending the deadline for submissions to the end of September. Remember, if you are selected, we will waive the cost of admission to the conference.

You can learn more about the conference (and presenting) here.

:: Justin ::

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