Travel Adventures with Siraya

Siraya sitting on snow tube

Siraya playing with a ball on the ground

I may be (slightly) less available that normal this week as Michele, Siraya, and I are searching out a little warmth!  Having shoveled 33 inches of snow, I feel like we deserve it!

It was our first time on a plane with Siraya since she was a baby (and that was an experience noone on the plane will forget!) and so the first since she’s been using a wheelchair.

Overall it was a remarkably easy trip […]

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What questions should be asked in an RFI or RFP

We’ve come across a lot of people who are in the process of putting together Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information.

Firstly, we are very much in favor of just giving something a try, that way you are making progress from day one.

If, however your situation requires such a process, we think that the questions you ask should focus on the things you really need rather than worrying about the field names and types involved.

Here’s a quick list of things I think should be asked:

  • Does the system allow secure access for:
      1. Individuals with Disabilities
      2. Families
      3. Direct Support Professionals
      4. Agency administrative staff and related service professionals
      5. State staff
      6. Consultants
      7. Analysts
    1. Is the system currently being used by:
      1. Individuals with Disabilities
      2. Families
      3. […]

      Scanning Webinar

      Today I ran a quick scanning webinar which you can watch here

      It’s a really simple feature to use once you have it up and running.  What may be a little tricky is installing the file you need to help your browser talk to your scanner.  Here are some instructions:

      Please note that ‘AspriseJTwain.dll’ has to be copied to c:windowssystem32 in the computer to be able to scan the documents and attach them to different Therap modules. If ‘AspriseJTwain.dll’ is not copied then, an error message will be shown when a user clicks on the ‘Start Scan’ button.

      To copy this file to the computer, click on the ‘here’ link given in the error message. This will open up a pop-up window. Next, […]

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      Getting ready for 7.1

      We are planning to bring out Therap 7.1 starting at about 11pm EDT tonight.

      A few things to remember:

      1. The system will be unavailable for a while (current estimate is from 11pm to 7am EDT)
      2. Most of the new features will be instantly available.
      3. To gain access to the Quarterly Nursing Report you will need to be given that role by your Provider Administrator
      4. To gain access to the Individual Plan of Protection you need to let us know (it is then controlled by IDF roles)
      5. Live Help is going to change a bit with our own internal system taking over (should be much easier to use)
      6. You’ll get a first look at the Therap Knowledgebase – much more on this later.

      As always, if you have any […]

      A few known issues

      There are a few issues out there that we are aware of and are fixing.  Some of you might call them bugs, but issues sounds so much nicer!

      These have been identified and fixed on our internal system, now we are testing and should be having an update release in the near future.

      These issues are:

      1. Overdue count in ‘My Training Class’ area is not showing the correct number sometimes: One case is when the hire date is entered for the user in which case the list shows all the classes that need to be completed within the grace period, but the count […]
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      Required information for Medication Errors

      As you probably know, when completing a Medication Error GER (General Event Report) there is space for the medication to be entered both as it was ordered and as it was given.

      It doesn’t always make sense to include both, but it’s not always obvious when each field is required, so below is a handy dandy table saying just that!

      Error Type

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      10 Reasons Not to Use Therap

      We came up with this yesterday and thought it would make a really cool poster. I’d love to know what you think and if we made a poster (big and orange obviously!) would you put it up? What do you think visitors to your agency would think?

      What would you change on the list? What would you add to it?

          1. Communication has never been a problem at your agency
          2. A board member has a friend who is a computer programmer
          3. You want to be able to backdate documentation
          4. You don’t really trust your staff
          5. You want to hide information from families
          6. Sure, you can afford a HIPAA violation
          7. You don’t need access from remote locations
          8. Your […]
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          If you change a program name, don't forget to change the caseload name too

          Thanks to Micaela for reminding me of this.

          If you go in as a Provider Administrator and change the name of a program, it will not automatically change the name of the corresponding automatically generated “CL:” caseload.

          It is very quick and easy to do this, just click on the “Caseload List” link on your Provider Administrator FirstPage, select the caseload you want and edit the name of it.

          Note:  This will not impact the privileges of any of the people who have been assigned this caseload

          Another note: I’ve posted a note about this on the Customer Support Forum – come on over and join in!

          :: Justin ::

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          CSKB :: The unpronouncable acromyn

          Here in Therapville we have many, many ways that we can help you. Different people seem to like different ways of getting assistance and of learning to use Therap:

          Live chat for those who like quick, personal information

          Walkabouts for those who like interactive, scenario based, game-like learning.

          Tutorials for those who prefer to sit back and watch and listedn to a demostration

          Quick Guides for those who like to have a quick summary on a piece of paper next to them while they work.

          Then of course there is the User Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions available from FirstPage.

          Don’t forget the ubiquitous Feedback link or the fact that you can contact us by phone, email, or Secure […]

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          Make sure that you can see all your GERs

          If you think you are not seeing all the General Event Reports that you should, please check your “My Profile” settings (in the right hand column of your FirstPage under the heading “My Account”).

          You will only see counts on your FirstPage for types of GER that are checked in the list here.

          This is also a way to cut down on the reports that you see on your FirstPage if you are only responsible for signing off on particular types of report.

          Whether or not they show in your FIrstPage counts, you will still be able to find all the reports that you have rights to using search.

          :: Justin ::

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