Time to get back on the Forum

There is a bunch of fascinating stuff going on over in the Forum, but it’s not any fun without you!

What makes a social and community place like a forum work is YOU!

If you’re not sure what it is, go and take a look.

If you’re not sure what to say, either ask a question or answer someone elses.

If you can work out creating an account or how to leave comments then give us a call and we’ll walk you through.

:: Justin ::

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How much information should a GER Witness get?

We are having an interesting discussion with a few customers, inside Therap, and over in the Forum about how much information we should give to a GER witness who does not have rights to the incident report itself.

This is most often the case when a DSP only has GER Submit and the GER itself is in Pending Approval state.

We’d love to know what you think, so please go and join the discussion.

:: Justin ::

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Therap and Families

I have, over the years been involved in the lives of people in many different roles: as a friend, a nurse, provider, a foster parent, an advocate, and probably more.

In all these roles, probably the most frustrating thing is not having enough information. I could easily bore you with a whole pile of stories, but I am sure that you have plenty of your own.  Just think of all those times you’ve heard “why did nobody tell me”, “Why didn’t I know that”, or “I’m sure I sent you that”.

Anyway, one of the big places where this chasm exists is between providers and families (you only have to look at Jonathan’s Law and the events leading up to […]

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Have you been to the forum recently?

Have you paid a visit to the Therap Customer Support Forum recently?

There are a bunch of really interesting conversations going on in there, get on over and check them out.

Remember, if you were at the Provider Administration conferences you said you were going to add at least 2 comments a week.

:: Justin ::

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Polls, polls, everywhere!

One of the things that we are always working on is new ways to get input from our customers.

That’s one of the reasons we put up our Customer Support Forum and are working on having so many conferences next year.

Following a discussion with Maureen, who will be heading off to Bangladesh soon, I decided to play around with polls a little.

There’s one right here (to your right) on this blog to see if people would be interested in responding.

I also posted one in the Forum about renaming the ISP module.  Please go and take a look and let us know what you think.


:: Justin ::

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Have you driven our Forum lately?

One of the things that folks really liked at the Provider Admin conference was the chance to meet, discuss, and brainstorm with other Therap users.

Everyone said they wanted to keep the conversations going, and the place to do that is in our forum.

There are already a bunch of interesting things going on in there, so head on over, create and account, and join the conversation.

Reminder to PA Conference attendees: You promised 2 posts a week!

:: Justin ::

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Come on over to our place

There are a whole bunch of interesting conversations going on at the Therap Customer Support Forum, just waiting for you to join in.

There’s a tip if your system seems to be running slowly.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff about Pivot Tables (and more on Kara’s blog)

A discussion about Quarterly Nursing Reports

And if that’s not enough, you can always start your own topic.

See you there!

:; Justin ::

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If you change a program name, don't forget to change the caseload name too

Thanks to Micaela for reminding me of this.

If you go in as a Provider Administrator and change the name of a program, it will not automatically change the name of the corresponding automatically generated “CL:” caseload.

It is very quick and easy to do this, just click on the “Caseload List” link on your Provider Administrator FirstPage, select the caseload you want and edit the name of it.

Note:  This will not impact the privileges of any of the people who have been assigned this caseload

Another note: I’ve posted a note about this on the Customer Support Forum – come on over and join in!

:: Justin ::

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Don't forget to register on our forum

When you go to check out our wonderful new forum, don’t forget to register. That way you can add your own comments, questions, answers, and suggestions.

Hopefully you’ll also get to know some other Therap folks from around the country.

By the way, I love how easy it is to do groovy things like the image above in Office 2007!

:: Justin ::

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