Here we come…

September and October are conference months.

All of us here in Therapville will be criss-crossing the country showing our wares.

While we’re out and about we’d love to come and meet with you and your agencies and colleagues.

If you are at any of the conferences, we’d be happy to set up meetings, sessions, and training there.

Take a look at the list here or below

:: Justin ::

Conference Date Location Conferences
September 4 – 7, 2007 Atlanta, GA NAPSA
September 5 – 8, 2007 KINTEX, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, Korea DPI’s 7th World Assembly
September 9 – 11, 2007 Washington, DC ANCOR GAS Conference
September 10 – […]
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Smarter (and more talented) than your average customer support

Usually on these pages I am boasting about Iona or Calum or other family members.

This time I get to show off how smart my colleagues here in Therapville are.

Maureen, as well as being able to help you with all your Therap needs is a talented artist and will be exhibiting next month at the Saltbox Gallery in West Hartford, Connecticut.

So, if you are in these parts be sure to stop in and check out her work.

:: Justin ::

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