Travel Adventures with Siraya

Siraya sitting on snow tube

Siraya playing with a ball on the ground

I may be (slightly) less available that normal this week as Michele, Siraya, and I are searching out a little warmth!  Having shoveled 33 inches of snow, I feel like we deserve it!

It was our first time on a plane with Siraya since she was a baby (and that was an experience noone on the plane will forget!) and so the first since she’s been using a wheelchair.

Overall it was a remarkably easy trip […]

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Java Security Alert

Graphic showing Java Support Oracle


In regards to the Oracle’s official alert that addresses security issues CVE-2013-0422 (US-CERT Alert TA13-010A – Oracle Java 7 Security Manager Bypass Vulnerability) and another vulnerability affecting Java running in web browsers. These vulnerabilities are not applicable to Java running on servers, standalone Java desktop applications or embedded Java applications. They also do not affect Oracle server-based software.

Please note that these vulnerabilities do not affect the Therap Applications running on our servers. However, this may affect Java used on PCs. […]

Hurricane Sandy :: Therap phones are down – use Live Help

Funny Picture of the Statue of Liberty

With Hurricane Sandy coming across Connecticut and the north-east, we have lost power at our office in Waterbury, CT.  This means that our phones are out.

This has no impact on our application.

If you need help, please use Live Help, email, or cell phones.

If you are on the East Coast too, please stay dry and safe.

:: Justin ::

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Friday afternoon webinars

What a busy Friday today was, lots of great planning meetings in the office and then an afternoon full of webinars, including these two:

Present and future CCHIT features for Certified Trainers

Video on CCHIT Review for Certified Trainers


The Oregon ISP for the Oregon User Group

Video on OTAC and Therap Review


Thanks to Allison for setting these up and recording them


:: Justin ::

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Rescheduling Webinars

Unfortunately I am going to have to reschedule two webinars I had planned for tomorrow (Tuesday).

I am lucky enough to be meeting with some national groups in Washington DC and it now looks like those meetings will be streching into the afternoon.

So, the CCHIT webinar for Certified Trainers and the ISP webinar for the Oregon User group will have to be rescheduled.

I am currently looking at doing them on Thursday instead (I’ll also post recordings)

Sorry for the late notice

:: Justin ::

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Welcome to Therap Leah

Photograph of Leah, Training & Implementation Specialist of Therap

I am delighted to welcome Leah Marshall to our Training and Implementation team.

Leah Marshall joins Therap Services with several years of direct care and supervisory experience in the mental health, developmental disabilities and elder care fields. Leah’s primary background is working with co-occurring population in rural Northwestern Vermont, prior to relocating to the more densely populated Southern Maine where she most recently worked for Waban Projects, Inc as a Residential Manager.

In her professional experience, Leah has worked in […]

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Learning to speak Therap

Help & Support Image
Any time you start working with a new system, there are always a lot of new word to learn.
For several years now, we’ve had a handout we call “T-Speak” which you can see here.
We are now adding a similar document for Provider Administrators.
You can read the Provider Admin terms here.
Let me know if there are additional terms you think we could be defining for you.
:: Justin ::

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Choosing when to take Therap's application down for updates.

Therap Services - Documentation Software Solution for Developmental Disabilities Support Providers

If there is one thing we have a lot of here at Therap, it’s data. Whenever possible and appropriate we try and make decisions based on it.

One of these choices that we have been working on recently is when to take the system down for updates.

If you don’t work third shift and you don’t work weekends, you may think that Therap basically never goes down. Unfortunately life isn’t that simple. There are a range of reasons that we may need to take the system down (usually for 15 minutes to half an hour) to post an update to the application or […]

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Live Help in Therap in Therap 2012.0

Screenshot of 'Live Help'

With the release of Therap 2012.0 on Sunday, Therap will be switching its live help platform to Live Person.

Screenshot of Live Chat

This is going to lead to enhanced reliability as well as increased functionality.  Screensharing will be much easier and more available and we will be able to manage the whole process much more easily.

Screenshot of Desktop Sharing Status Window

Be sure to check it out and say hi!  Then let us know what you think.

:: Justin ::

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