Therap 9.1 Update (Individual Unification Release)

Today we have posted the draft Release Notes for Therap 9.1.

There is a lot of information in there, please be sure to read through them.

I will also be scheduling some webinars in order to give you a guided tour later this week.

Our current release schedule is as follows:

On July 10th we will release a beta version of Therap 9.1.  This will be a copy of the current database that will allow you to test out the new functionality on data that you recognise.  It is important to recognise though that any changes made in this beta context are not transferred to the live database.

On July 17th we will release Therap 9.1.  It is as of the 17th that you need […]

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New Personal Property Inventory in Custom Forms

While I was in Oregon last week I had the pleasure of stopping in to see Craig at Albertina Kerr.  One of the things we discussed was their need for a Personal Property list.  He showed me what they used just now and over the weekend we ran up a couple of samples.

Now, we have in the Global Custom Form Template Library, for your importing delight, a Personal Property Inventory.

Take a look and see what you think.  I think it is rather cool!

This is what it looks like while you are entering the data.

Screenshot of Personal Property, this is what it looks like while you are entering the data


This is what it looks like when others […]

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New Automated Training CD


Download the latest version of the T-Girl Training CD for an easier training about Therap. Visit the Training page to access more resources to planning or managing training.

Read this post and comments from our Therap Certified Trainers on how they carry out training on Therap for their staff.

Update includes: Training Management System, and the Issue Tracker (which is inside the "Help & Support" portion).

You can download it here.

:: Justin ::

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T-Girl Training :: The next generation

Introduction fo Automated Training with T-Girl.

Many of you have used, commented on, and praised our Automated Training starring T-Girl.

Well, never ones to rest on our laurels, we are making the training even better.  It is now designed to include things such as self enrolling and pauses so that a class can work in the application.

We are still going through rather rapid iterations, but we now have the training where we are using it on a regular basis (Kara trained 100’s of staff at SullivanArc last week and can still talk!)

Instruction by T-Girl

If you’d like […]

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