New Quick Guides Available

Over the last few weeks we have published a number of new Quick Guides.  These include:

Assigning Cross Provider Access Privileges

Updated: 06/08/2009
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referred to as Parent Providers, may have other agencies (Child
Providers) working under/with them in different locations. This guide
is a quick reference that can be used by Provider Administrators of
parent providers in assigning privileges to users in order for them to
access individual data across different child providers. It includes
step by step instructions to guide users to successfully assign these
access privileges.

Accessing Cross Provider Data

Updated: 06/08/2009
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referred to as Parent Providers, may have other agencies […]

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CSKB :: The unpronouncable acromyn

Here in Therapville we have many, many ways that we can help you. Different people seem to like different ways of getting assistance and of learning to use Therap:

Live chat for those who like quick, personal information

Walkabouts for those who like interactive, scenario based, game-like learning.

Tutorials for those who prefer to sit back and watch and listedn to a demostration

Quick Guides for those who like to have a quick summary on a piece of paper next to them while they work.

Then of course there is the User Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions available from FirstPage.

Don’t forget the ubiquitous Feedback link or the fact that you can contact us by phone, email, or Secure […]

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7.0 on its way!

As I write we are in the process of converting the database to work with Therap 7.0.

This is a significant process and will take until about lunchtime tomorrow.

We know this is a pain in the neck, but unfortunately it is unavoidable.

In the meantime, to take notes you can always use the Offline forms that we have made.

:: Justin ::

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More Quick Guides available.

We just put up a whole bunch more Quick Guides at Quickguides

Quick Guides are one or two page handouts or cheat sheets that you can download and print out.  I’d love to know what you think of these ones and if you have ideas for more, just let us know.

:: Justin ::

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