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Here in Therapville we have many, many ways that we can help you. Different people seem to like different ways of getting assistance and of learning to use Therap:

Live chat for those who like quick, personal information

Walkabouts for those who like interactive, scenario based, game-like learning.

Tutorials for those who prefer to sit back and watch and listedn to a demostration

Quick Guides for those who like to have a quick summary on a piece of paper next to them while they work.

Then of course there is the User Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions available from FirstPage.

Don’t forget the ubiquitous Feedback link or the fact that you can contact us by phone, email, or Secure […]

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DSP Conference already producing results

Therap’s first DSP Conference is less than two weeks away and as we finalize planning for it I am getting more and more excited.  It going to be one of those wonderful situations where everyone wins.  The attendees are going to find out all sorts of thing and we here in Therapville will learn at least as much, if not more.

As part of the build up to the conference, the folks are coming have been looking at some of our new training materials and discussing it in a special provider we set up in the system (if you are coming to the conference and haven’t been into DSP07-CT yet, hurry up, it’s full of crucial information).

Just to show the impact […]

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Happy Thursday

We’ll it may finally be getting cold in New England, but the sun was shining in Therapville!

The tweaks we made to the system seem to have done the trick. The “Processing” message that you get from time to time will not be there too much longer in T-Logs and SComm, and we really appreciate you working through this with us. There were a bunch of other small enhancements made, as i go through the list, I’ll share any I think you might notice.
Other cool things that happened today included:

Take a Walkabout

As with our applications (I’ll be giving my first glimpses at 7.0 later this week) we are continually trying to improve and expand our training.

Our latest venture in this has been christened the Walkabout. The goal here is to provide a fun, interactive way to learn how to use Therap at the same time as learning an aspect of your job.

The newest Walkabout is the GER one which will help you learn how to complete a GER and produce a state specific incident report.

Check it out here and see if you can beat my score

As always, all comments and suggestions gratefully received.

:: Justin ::

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