New York MSC User Group :: Next Meeting is Tuesday 12/15/2009

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who attended today’s New York MSC User Group, it was a great call with very interesting information shared.  I certainly learned a lot and I am looking forward to seeing what Sazzad comes up with as a result!

As requested, I have set up the next meeting for Tuesday, December 15th at 2pm.  To sign up, please follow this link.

:: Justin ::

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North Dakota User Group :: Clarification

Just wanted to confirm (there’s been a little confusion thanks to one of our emails) that the North Dakota User Group will take place on Thursday November 19th at 12noon Central (1pm Eastern)

If you haven’t signed up yet, click here to do so.

Look for more North Dakota info here, and more User Groups here

:: Justin ::

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Therap User Groups

Graphic of Join Us

As you probably know already, we are having a bunch of User Group meetings this week in Washington DC, Connecticut, and New York.  These are in person meetings being hosted by our customers.

Not all User Group meetings take place in person though.  For example, today we had the Montana User Group which met via webinar and will continue to do so monthly.  Over the next couple of months we are planning a series of State User Groups in:

New York
North Dakota
South Dakota
Washington DC

Look out for emails and postings for times,dates and how to sign up.  Also be sure to let us know if you would like to attend a […]

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Don't miss our upcoming User Group with Sazzad

After the Side by Side Conference in Indianapolis, Sazzad is going on a bit of a whirlwind tour and we’re going to run a whole bunch of User Group Meetings along his trip.

These include:

  • Washington, DC (DC User Group) – Monday Oct 26, 2009
  • Connecticut, Oak Hill (CT User Group) – Tuesday Oct 27, 2009
  • Eastern NY, SullivanArc – Thursday Oct 29, 2009
  • Western NY, Buffalo – Friday Oct 30, 2009

So, follow the links above to see the agenda, there’s going to be some great discussions and training wherever you go.  There is no cost to attend, but please sign up […]

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Tuesday in Missouri

While the weather in Missouri continues to be dreich. The meeting that Jeff and I had were tremendous!

The fine folks at ACT were nice enough to host a User Group Meeting in Columbia, MO when Jeff and I presented on and discussed all sorts of Therap stuff.

Justin in Missouri.

It’s been a great couple of days here in Missouri, there is a nice group of Therap users coming together and we are looking forward to implementing their state incident report form in the not too distant future, especially now that I understand it more.  In fact, we rather liked it and may incorporate a couple of […]

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Monday in Kansas City, Missouri

Justin in Missouri.

Today I was in Independence, Missouri for a Therap User Group hosted by Jeff and the fine folks at Developing Potential.  It was a great meeting.  We did a lot of work on Missouri billing and implementing the State of Missouri Incident Report form.

Of course, I also had fun showing off all the joys of Therap 8.2, there’s a nice group of Therapn providers coming together out here which always makes life better for everyone involved.  Tomorrow I am off to do the same sort of thing in Columbia.

Kansas City Royals.

After […]

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From Waterbury to Buffalo

Justin beside Niagra Falls.

It’s not quite the Erie Canal song, but it works!

Asif, Sazzad and I have been running user groups in Connecticut and New York this week.  We’ve have some great input and discussions which I will elaborate on much more over the next few days.

Having driven to Buffalo tonight, we managed a quick trip to Niagara Falls (note to Iona, Asif takes more photos than I do!)

:: Justin ::

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East Coast User Groups

You can now sign up for our upcoming User Groups at (just scroll down towards the bottom of the page).

If you are anywhere close to any one of there you definitely want to be there.  We are also looking at adding follow up billing session to each day – more info to follow.

  • Maine Users Group April 24 at 11:00 AM (this will be web based)
  • Monday May 4th, 10am: Connecticut (Hosted by Oak Hill at NEAT)
  • Tuesday May 5th: New York – Hudson Valley (Hosted by SullivanArc)
  • Wednesday May 6th: New York – Western Region (Hosted by Community Services for the Developmentally Disabled)
  • Thursday May 7th: Washington, DC (Hosted by Careco)
  • Friday […]
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Upcoming Therap User Groups in New York, Washington DC, and

Graphic of join us.
We are in the process of putting together a week of User Group Meetings for our users around the North East.

These will be set up while Sazzad is around and focus on a wide range of issues including New York ISPs and Hab Plans, Connecticut Fact Sheets, Attendance and IPs, Washington DC Heath Management Plans, and Delaware ELPs.

I am still in the process of putting together the full details, but here’s what I have so far:

Monday May 4th, 10am: Connecticut (Hosted by Oak Hill at NEAT)
Tuesday May 5th: New York – Hudson Valley (Hosted by SullivanArc)
Wednesday May 6th: New York – Western Region (Hosted by Community Services […]

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