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It's all Crystal's Fault that I Blog!

Back when we were debating whether I should blog or not, Richard was visiting NHTC in South Dakota and met Crystal who convinced him that blogging was the way to go.

Cheers Crystal!

Now we are getting her into Wikis!
— Justin

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TherapWiki makes the front page

Given that it has grown enough to actually be some use as a reference tool, TherapWiki is now being linked to from our Business Web Site.

If you haven’t tried to Wiki yet, go take a look. The great thing is that you get to join in. Edit a page, add to a page, create a new page it’s up to you. Just make yourself an account and add your tips and ideas about Therap.

— Justin

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Looking for a few good Wiki-ers

TherapWiki is now up and running!

The idea with a Wiki is that it is built and maintained by it’s users.

The goal therefore for TherapWiki is to provide a customer support resource that is built by customers.

This is obviously something very new and I’m not quite sure how it will work, but nothing significant was ever achieved without taking risks.

If you take a look at TherapWiki, you will see that some pages have information and some don’t! Feel free to add or change things as you want (every page has edit links or a blank page for you to write on!). There is a slightly funky mark-up language for formatting which you can read about here, but […]

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Something Wiki This Way Comes

We have our Wiki up and running, I just need to work out how to use it and get a little structure in there and I will post some links.

We are using MediaWiki as the engine (the power behind Wikipedia).

If anyone has any skills or interest in this area and would like to join me in building the TherapWiki, please let me know.

I’m sure there will be much more on this soon

– Justin

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Wiki's – Do it yourself user guides

One of the interesting things about providing support for Therap customers is that quite often I don’t know the answer.

The question is usually something like “Am I supposed to write a T-Log, submit an incident report, or send an SComm message when such and such happens”. The response from your fearless customer support chap is generally “ummmmmmmmmmm… it depends”.

The reason it depends is, different providers use Therap in different ways either because of different requirements from their funding and licensing authorities or because of different internal polices.

Recently one provider produced some great guidelines on how they would like T-Logs to be used by their staff and very generously allowed me to share them with other providers.

This led me […]

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