ICD-10 Is Coming

A Message from CMS:
October 1, 2014, Deadline Firm for ICD-10
As the dust from HIMSS13 settles, CMS would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth to say hello and discuss the ICD-10 transition and the future of eHealth with us. In case you weren’t able to get to the booth, here are some of the highlights from the conference:
  • Acting CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner confirmed the October 1, 2014, ICD-10 deadline and encouraged everyone to work diligently toward a successful transition
  • CMS met face-to-face with stakeholders to share information and listen to feedback about ICD-10
  • During the eHealth Town Hall, CMS discussed EHRs, ICD-10, and HIPAA administrative […]

The 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

There were numbers of festivities going on yesterday to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ADA.  Like most of you I suspect, I can’t imagine a public building being built in a manner that excludes people with disabilities or not having kids with disabilities have full access to education and employment.

It’s not that long ago that this was not the case, and we can’t afford to rest now.
Just the other day I was taking Siraya to a doctor’s appointment that she would have been unable to attend on her own as there was no way for a person in a wheelchair to open the front door to the “Professional Building”.  For an “end user” perspective on […]
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Excel just got even cooler :: Sparklines in Excel 2010

As you probably know by now, I am a huge Excel fan.

Well, I just discovered another reason to love it and to keep trying out new things.

I am currently using a beta version of Office 2010.  Excel 2010 is very like Excel 2007, but one new feature I have found just blows my mind!

They are mini (cell sized) called sparklines.  Say you have a table with a bunch of data in it and you'd like to keep an eye on trends.  Well, just drop a sparkline at the end of the column or row.

Take a look:

Screenshot of Excel 2010 showing Sparklines


How cool is that?


:: Justin ::

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March is National Developmental Disability Awareness month

Thanks to our friends at NHTC (or at least their Facebook page!) for bringing this to me.

“Just Like You-Living, Learning, Working, Playing” is the theme for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in March. “Just Like You” encourages people to bring diversity to their communities by welcoming people with disabilities into local neighborhoods, workplaces, places of worship and schools.

:: Justin ::

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Good News

Via one of my favourite blogs: The 19th Floor, I learned that the US will now sign the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  This is a good thing.

There’s a great line at the end of Jonathan Coulton’s song “The Presidents” where he says “I don’t like to make political statements” and the song ends!  Personally, I love to make political statements, this just isn’t my forum for them (buy me a beer anyone?).

I do however like this statement by President Obama:

I am not satisfied I am proud of the progress we have made but I am not satisfied — […]

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