Come and learn about HealthMeet

Here at Therap, we are delighted to be working with The Arc and others on the HealthMeet project, come and find out more:

Upcoming Webinar!

HealthMeet™: Improving Health of People with Disabilities!
Monday, October 15, 2012
2:00 to 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Join The Arc staff to find out more about the new HealthMeet™ project, funded through a 1 million dollar cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Find out more about health disparities that impact people with intellectual disabilities and how The Arc is working to reduce these obstacles, educate people about healthy decisions and habits, and identify new ways to improve the quality and accessibility of health care services. Join us to find out […]

Business Associate Agreements

New Customers of Therap will occasionally ask us to sign the provider’s drafted or created HIPAA Business Associate Agreements or similar documents. These Business Associate Agreements have been developed by attorneys across the United States and the legal language and content does very significantly from provider to provider. Many providers are unaware that the Therap User Agreement does already contain a complete Business Associate Agreement, which has been developed and reviewed and agreed to by hundreds of agencies and states governments. We are unable to negotiate, and revise separate Business Associate Agreements for each provider agency.

Agency Customers and Users of Therap Services sign several agreements with Therap as part of their initial use of Therap. These cover a […]

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More Testimony from Connecticut’s Human Services Committee

My testimony today was followed shortly after wards by this by Stan Soby of Oak Hill.

Testimony before the Human Services Committee
Regarding H. B. No. 5354 (Raised)
An Act to Provide Incentives for Hospitals to Adopt Electronic Health Records.

Good morning, Senator Doyle, Representative Walker and members of the Human Services Committee. I am Stan Soby, Vice President for Community Programs at Oak Hill, a non-profit community provider of services to over 500 people of all ages with developmental and other disabilities, located here in Hartford and in over 90 locations in 58 Connecticut towns.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak in support of H. B. No. 5354 (Raised) An Act to Provide Incentives for Hospitals to Adopt Electronic Health […]

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Testifying before Connecticut's Human Services Committee

Today I had the honour and privilege to testify before the State of Connecticut’s Human Services Committee.


Basically the proposed bill encourages the state to obtain ARRA funding for Hospitals implementing Electronic Health Records.

My point, quite simply, was that the state should make sure that these funds are available to developmental disability providers.

My submission was as follows:


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Keeping up with the times (and HL7)

HL7Customer Support Blog

As you may have have noticed from reading our Customer Support Blog a team of senior Therap developers are at the HL7 Conference in Arizona.

There is some really exciting stuff going on which will not only let you get more from your data in Therap, but also make sure that the data becomes more useful by being able to share it with hospitals and doctors.

Some of the possibilities ahead are really exciting, and while IBM are making very pretty commercials about this stuff, we are just concentrating on getting it done!

There will be a lot of discussion […]

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