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Are you ready for 5010 Billing?

Therap 2012.0, the first release of 2012!Happy New Year!

If you are using Therap’s electronic billing, you need to make sure that all your information in the system is up to date.

You can find complete instructions here.

If you have any questions, please contact Therap Support

:: Justin ::

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Business Associate Agreements

New Customers of Therap will occasionally ask us to sign the provider’s drafted or created HIPAA Business Associate Agreements or similar documents. These Business Associate Agreements have been developed by attorneys across the United States and the legal language and content does very significantly from provider to provider. Many providers are unaware that the Therap User Agreement does already contain a complete Business Associate Agreement, which has been developed and reviewed and agreed to by hundreds of agencies and states governments. We are unable to negotiate, and revise separate Business Associate Agreements for each provider agency.

Agency Customers and Users of Therap Services sign several agreements with Therap as part of their initial use of Therap. These cover a […]

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