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Welcome Michelle

This is a little late, but still news that I am very excited about:

Michelle Saunders has joined Therap as the latest member of our mid-west team.

After doing a great job implementing Therap in Missouri, Michelle and her family are moving to the Chicago area where she will be spearheading our sales and support.  Many of you will have met Michelle at one or more of our conferences and will know that the brings with her just the sense of energy, humour, intelligence, and caring that we like around here.

If your at the upcoming Kansas City Conferece, be sure to welcome Michelle aboard. 


Michelle Saunders

Michelle received her Bachelor’s degree from Juniata College in Pennsylvania majoring in […]

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Are you ready for 5010 Billing?

Therap 2012.0, the first release of 2012!Happy New Year!

If you are using Therap’s electronic billing, you need to make sure that all your information in the system is up to date.

You can find complete instructions here.

If you have any questions, please contact Therap Support

:: Justin ::

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Therap 9.1 Release Date is now July 24th, 2011

Graphic showing Therap version 9.1 is coming soon

In order to give you the highest quality release possible, we are resscheduling Therap 9.1 to July 24th.  This means that the date for getting all your IDFs into in-prep or Approved status is now July 23rd.

We are also rescheduling the webinars previewing these new features (though you can watch a recording of the Single Provider one here at any time).

Rather than doing these as live webinars, I will be recording them and sending out a link to anyone who singed up

:: Justin ::

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Some thoughts on what to do after an initial Therap implementation

Image of Customer Support

It is a big deal getting Therap and running.  It involves the whole agency and almost every aspect of how you provide supports (if you want to be paid for what you did, you'd better document it).

We have become quite skilled at making sure that people do that initial implementation really well including all the enthusiasm and buy in that is required to get up and running.

So there you are, everyones really happy, their using T-Logs, General Event Reports, Secure Communication, and maybe even some Health Tracking.  It's a job well done…

Well… it's a good start!  The big question is what comes next.  I think the answer to that is in […]

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