Individual Unification and IDFs

Screenshot of 'Individual Detail' page showing 'Identification Data' Section

As I said in my previous post, as part of our Individual Unification involves a simplification of the IDF workflow.

We will be referring to this new form as Individual Detail.

With the IDF, when changes are being made, there are actually two copies of the form maintained (this actually seems to cause people a lot of confusion).

With the new form there will be only one.

Because of this, when we do the update (scheduled for July 11th) any changes that have not been approved will be set aside.

Screenshot of Behavior, Custom Fields and Attach Files Sections

This means that you want to make sure that all of your IDFs […]

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Towards Individual Unification in Therap

We are currently undergoing one of the biggest changes that Therap has seen in many years, perhaps since the introduction of FirstPage back with Therap 5.0.

One of the most interesting things about this particular change is how little visible change there will be to start with.  Don’t, however, underestimate the amount of work that is going on underneath the hood/bonnet.  Virtually every query (and we have lots of very big queries in our millions of lines of code) within the system is being updated.

What might cause such an enormous change you ask?  Well, if you have been to one of our conferences recently, you will have heard us talk about what we are calling “Individual Unification”.  During a recent discussion […]

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