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We have started a new blog, being hosted by Kevin, to discuss how self directed services are impacting providers, people with disabilities, and how you use Therap.

With our work on our new individual budgeting module (and a groovy diagram to boot), we’re all over it and want to hear from you.

Head on over and join in the conversation

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Wednesday in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland


I am actually on my way to Edinburgh, Scotland to celebrate my sister’s birthday, my neice’s birthday, and my mum’s hip but the way that flights worked out I had about a six hour layover in Dublin.  Rather that sit around in the airport I hopped on a bus into the center of the city and got on an open top bus tour.

It’s my first time in Dublin so it a great way to get a quick look at what there is to see.  Now when Jim and I come back next week we get look more indepth at some of the historical sites.

Over the […]

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