The Future of Therap Medication Administration Records

Therap MAR Stats July 2013

As you can see, people use our MAR a lot!  Almost 6,000,000 entries a month!  Through all of this use we have identified a number of issues and challenges.  Along with that, we are also continuing our work of building our first pharmacy interface.

To make all of this work even better, we are looking at a new MAR interface that will be easier, faster, and even more usable.  Below you will see an early mock up.  We’ve already come up with some great enhancemants based on conversations weve have at conferences and user groups.

When to update, when to discontinue and copy


We have had a few discussions recently with users about the appropriate time to update a form and when to discontinue it and copy it to a new form.

Two common examples of this are with ISP Programs and Medication History (especially when using Medication Administration Records).

Each of these offer both the opportunity to update and to D/C and continue (assuming that you have the appropriate permissions).  

Here’s the difference:

If you are fixing a mistake on the form (for example a typo or spelling error) then you should use “Update”.

If what you are doing is changing the form in a way that it will work differently then you should discontinue it and copy to a new form.  

Examples of this would […]

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Scheduling Medications in MAR

When we brought in medication scheduling in 9.0 it opened up a world of possibilities.  There is however a bit of a problem.  Not all possibilities for med scheduling can be done through the scheduler that is built into the Medication History module.

Well, we have a solution, and a very cool one at that which can basically copy with any scheduling routine you have.

All you need to do is go to your MAR and switch to Configuration Mode, you can now click on any cell to make it scheduled or remove the scheduling.

You can now define exactly the schedule you want your staff to see!

:: Justin ::

The Apple iMAR

Along with all the other cool things that happened this weekend, Apple released it’s first Therap device.  They call it the tPad, but I like to think of it as the iMAR.

100405 iPad (3)100405 iPad (4)100405 iPad (1)

More feedback when I have done some more playing.

:: Justin ::

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Apple brings out a mobile Therap device

The big announcement today was Apple’s iPad.

What’s the iPad you ask?

Basically it’s a great big iPod Touch.  In other words it could be a really handy thing to stick on a med-room wall to complete you MARs or carry with you to do your Therap documentation really easily.  It costs about $500, which is interesting because I have seen touchscreen devices for Nursing Homes which retail for about $1500 each!

:: Justin ::

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First DataBank in Therap 8.2

First DataBank Logo

In Therap 8.2 (scheduled for release at the end of this month) we will bring out our first link with the First Databank Drug Database.

This is really exciting.  If you upgrade to include a subscription to this service, you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name:

Screenshot showing drug look up section where you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name.

Then you will get a full list of all the variants of that medication.

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A note from Sazzad for those of you using Therap's Medication Administration Records

MAR 11 by you.

We are happy to inform you that we will soon be releasing Version 8.1 of the Therap Applications. In this release, along with other modules, we have also updated the Medication Administration Record (MAR) module .

Please note that, to access MAR in 8.1, users will now require a new set of MAR specific roles instead of the Health Tracking (HT) roles (HT Submit, HT Update and HT View). Following are the new MAR Roles which will be introduced in 8.1:

1) MAR Configuration Approve – With this role, users will be able to Approve an MAR.

2) […]

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Even more on MARs in Therap 8.1

Once you have created your MARs and staff have done all their documentation, you’ll want to find new ways to use all that wonderful information that you have at your fingertips.

We are introducing a new flexible report generator that will look something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Report Criteria form.

I am sure there will be much more to show you soon!

:: Justin ::

And produce output like this:

Screenshot of MAR Custom Report page with Mar Report Criteria field and list of total records

An easy way to get reports on things like PRNs […]

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More about MARs in Therap 8.1

OK, let’s take a look at how you will set up an MAR when Therap 8.1 is released:

Basically you can set up any month’s MAR in advance (or look at old ones).  Obviously this is all based on having the correct roles assigned to you.

Screenshot of MAR Configuration Search.

As usual, if you click on a screenshot, you’ll get to see it and many more in Flickr.

Having chosen the MAR you want to set up, you’ll get a screen something like this:

Screenshot of MAR Configuration page after Search.

Here you can work on the […]

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