Reinventing Quality 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland

Yesterday and today, Ken, Peter and I are at the Reinventing Quality Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

I tend not to go to as many conferences these days, but this is one I will definitely be back at and would encourage anyone to attend.

There have been some great sessions going on, but even more than that it is a tremendous group of attendees with a very interesting balance between providers, governments, and academics/consultants.

Of course there are also an awful lot of Therap customers here which just adds to the fun

:: Justin ::

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Welcome Jordan Mar, Training and Implementation Specialist

I am delighted to welcome Jordan Mar as the latest Therap team member. She will be working primarily with our Mid-West team, but as is the case with all of us, you never kknow where she will show up. Obviously your first chance to say hi will be at the National Conference in a week or two.

Jordan has been involved with supporting people with disabilities from her high school days. While she was studying at the Lincoln Northeast High School, she used to support an elementary school student requiring extra support during her lunchtime, twice a week. She moved to Utah after graduating from high school and stated working for a school for kids with special needs […]

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