Tuesday in the Twin Cities


Jeff and I spent today in Minneapolis and St Paul, meeting with the very fine folks at Dungarvin this morning and then a presentation this afternoon.

It’s excitign to see how Therap is taking off up here with new agencies jumping on-board left, right, and centre.

After a great day of Theraping it was off to the ballpark.

Target Field, home of the Twins is very cool, we were both impressed.

Not only was the baseball fun and the atmosphere great, but we found a new gastronimic delight!

Whenever I go to a ball game with Calum we have an icr cream sundae in a mini-helmet (have done since he was very young)

Here though, they had nachos in a helment and there was nothing […]

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Find out more about direct electronic billing in Minnesota

f you use Therap in Minnesota and are interested in finding out how you can billing directly from Therap using Therap data, you should join this online User Group Meeting.

We’ll be discussing how Therap Electronic Billing and discussing Minnesota specific rules.

You can sign up here

The meeting is on February 1st at 10am Central

:: Justin ::



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