Wednesday in Jefferson City, Missouri

Jeff and I have spent the past couple of days driving around Missouri (see previous posts for details of how exciting this can be) talking to folks about case management and some exciting things that Therap has in the pipeline for case management agencies around the country in general and specifically for providers in Missouri.

Having spent yesterday in Columbia with the folks at Boone County Family Resources, today we made our way down to the (remarkably easy to get to) state seat of Jeff City to meet with the team at Cole County.

We met with some great folks who have been doing a lot of work in Therap and I’m now even more excited about the things […]

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Wednesday in Kansas City and Jefferson City, Missouri

Peter and I were out here in Missouri to join Jeff in some meetings (which in Missouri always seem to involve copious amounts of driving.  There is a long story that you should get Jim to tell you about of a drive we had through Missouri where we ended up guessing the heights of radio towers (he was about right, I was disastrously wrong).

At least the weather was nice out here.  Actually got up to about 54 degrees!

Now it’s time to head back to the frozen tundra that is Connecticut.

:: Justin ::

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Tuesday in Columbia, Missouri

On Tuesday, Jim, Sazzad, Asif, Jeff, Chris, Michelle and I (quite a team) spent the day with Boone County Family Resources.

We had a very productive set of meetings as they learn more about Therap for States and Counties and we learn more about the intricacies or working in a country environment.

It’s also worth noting that the drive from Kansas City to Columbia is not the most exciting one. To pass the time we got into a rather heated debate about the height of radio towers. Unfortunately, due to the amount of research that we all did to try and win the argument we now know way too much about the things and Jim has developed a bit of […]

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Take us out to the ballgame

Last night after a very successful first day of our conference in St. Louis, Missouri, the Therap team headed out to Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals play the Florida Marlins.  We picked up some rather nice seats on StubHub and a very fine time was had by all (despite it being a bit on the chilly side).

Therap team in Stadium

St. Louis, Missouri Justin in St. Louis, Missouri

Playing baseball Playing baseball

 Stadium Stadium


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