Coming soon in Therap 2016.0 :: Therap for Android updates

Along with our new web application, we will also be releasing a new mobile application (or two).

Let’s start with Therap for Android:

We’ve tidied up the login page a bit:

Therap Android Login

And look! There’s something new on the Dashboard, let’s take a look at T-Logs for Android:

Therap Android Dashboard

Tapping on the T-Log link will bring you to a list of unread T-Logs.  You can look at them all or filter by Notification Level.

Therap Android Select Individual

Choose the one you want to read and there it is:

Therap Android T-Log

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Therap iPhone App on its way

In the next couple of days we will be submitting our brand new Therap T-Log App to the Apple App Store!

As opposed to the Mobile T-Log Reader which you may have used before, the is a “real” native iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) App.

In addition to being able to read and write T-Logs, you can also include photos, audio, and your GPS Location!  We’ll be showing this off in Fishkill and you should be able to try it out for yourself in a few weeks.

Read more here

User Guide here


:: Justin ::

Therap iPhone Tlog AppTherap iPhone Tlog App

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Want to try Therap Mobile on a Blackberry?

Graphic of Mobile Apps

We have already received a lot of great feedback about our move to mobile apps.  However there seems to be a group of you out there feeling rather left out…

As you can see from the graphic above, we are focusing on the Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems.  “But what about all the Blackberry users out there?” I hear you scream.  Well, the major problem is that you Blackberry doesn’t have a very good browser and so doesn’t work with standard mobile browser standards.  It looks like the latest Blackberry OS is going to fix this, but for now, if you want to use our mobile T-Log reader we suggest that […]

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Therap Mobile Going Live with T-Log Reading

Graphics of Therap Apps

Therap is always looking for new ways to help you get the most out of your data and easier ways to access it.  As part of this we are developing for mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, which we believe are the future of online documentation.

This will be a major development area for Therap moving forward.  Currently we are offering specially developed browser based access to specific areas of the applicatio.

As we move forward, we will […]

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Therap Goes Mobile

T-Logs on iPodT-Logs on iPod - 4T-Logs on iPod - 2

Homescreen on mobileTlog Reader login on mobileTlog reader list on mobile

One of the great things about Therap being a browser based application is that it really doesn’t matter what device you use it on, as long as the device has a compliant browser then Therap will work on it.  There are obviously some strange things that pop up from time to time on specific […]

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